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20 Tube 47mm Solar Panel (SFB20-47)
Retail Price: £ 320.28  (excl. Vat)
                    £ 384.34   (incl. Vat)


20 tube solar panel - high efficiency 47mm Ø double wall evacuated tube solar collector. includes: 20 bottom rail mounted tube cups, 1 tube of heat conducting paste, 2 side rails, 1 bottom rail and 1 set of nuts, bolts and washers for assembly

Panel dims: 1660 x 1570 x 155mm     Weight: 49kgs

Panel Area: 2.49m2     Aperture Area: 1.25m2

Tube Length: 1.5m

zero loss collector efficiency n0 = 0.599

heat loss coefficient a1 = 2.417

heat loss coefficient a2 = 0.01

peak output 749w

K050T = 1.9

K050T = 0.92

Width of absorber (internal glass tube): 37mm

Casing Material: Stainless Steel    Filling Volume: 1.1ltr

Width of Entry/Exit Pipe: 22mm

Thickness of Collector insulating material: 60mm

Heat Transfer Medium: Water mixed with 40% Navitron Glycol antifreeze 


Solar keymark / RHI number 011-7S1334R

On a south-facing roof with a short pipe run, this panel is ideal for heating water in our 90 to 150litre twin coil cylinders. On east/west facing roofs, two of these panels would be required (one on either side).


The SFB panel is the best choice for the UK. The panel is considered to be one of the most cost-effective on the market, and performs extremely well in the UK climate. Its slimline design suits UK architecture, and in most cases, it should be considered 'permitted development' - meaning that you do not need to apply for planning permission if you wish to fit these panels to your roof. The SFB panel has a very low heat capacity, containing only 1 - 1.5litres of water inside the manifold. This allows the panel to heat up quickly when the sun starts to shine, and minimises heat losses at night. It is also much lighter than the integrated tank designs (Navitron SFA and SFD panels), making it much more suitable for load-bearing roof timbers. It should provide you with free hot water for at least 6 months of the year and will strongly contribute thereafter.

- Suitable for pressurised systems

- Solar Keymarked for RHI - Download Certificate

- High efficiency solar collector using heat pipe evacuated tubes

- Can be used in all climates

- Reliable and efficient with twin-wall glass solar tubes

- Copper heat pipes for rapid heat transfer

- Easy plug-in installation for mounting on the roof or at ground level

- Maintenance free

- Suitable for high pressure water (up to 8bar / 116psi)

- Corrosion resistant silver brazed copper header

- Frame material: 304 2B grade stainless steel

- Casing material: 304 BA or AB stainless steel

- Glass wool insulation for better heat retention

- Collectors may be connected in series to increase water heating capacity

- Tubes easily replaced if broken

- Ideal for commercial solar water heating applications

- Expected Lifetime >25years

- 'Passive Solar Tracking' - maintains heat output regardless of sun's position in the sky

- BSEN 12975 Approved

Design Aids and Technical Help Files

Solar Hot Water FAQs and Installation Advice



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