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  • The Green Homes Grant – What you need to know

    The current on-going pandemic has affected us all in more ways than one. As part of the recovery process, the UK Government recently announced its new initiative – ‘The Green Homes Grant’. A scheme which will see the UK government pay two-thirds of energy-efficient home improvements up to the value of £5,000, or 100% of the costs up-to £10,000 for those on low-incomes that meet certain requirements.
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  • What’s what with Solar Hot Water Installations?

    One of the interesting things about being environmentally conscious is the multitude of ways that you can adopt this approach in your life.

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  • Can we help the Earth after lockdown?

    The current lockdown situation is hugely troubling for our society. The strain that has been placed on our health services and other vital services is huge and it is taking its toll as we look to move through the current situation.

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  • How Lockdown has made the Earth cleaner

    We have all had to make a series of adjustments to adhere to the current lockdown. We are facing times of unprecedented change, and it’s difficult not to think that this pandemic is something of a defining experience for our generation.

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  • Saving energy while working from home

    Not so very long ago, if somebody had proposed to you the idea of working from home, you would have thought they were joking. The idea of working from home was a farfetched, idealistic thought. You might conjure up ideas of doing your job from the comfort of your bed, or keeping your pyjamas on all day long.

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  • Making your house self-sufficient

    The houses we live in are central to the lives we lead. They provide us with shelter, with comfort, and with warmth.

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  • Hottest temperature in Antarctica - Climate Emergency?

    The world we are living in is changing.

    The force of nature should never be underestimated. It’s easy to go through our day-to-day feeling like we have control and know what is what. But the forces of nature are so powerful that they can render our own little worlds somewhat small and exposed.

    You will no doubt have seen the headlines around the topic of climate change. Active campaigners, government responses and what the best approach may be have peppered the headlines of late.
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  • Petrol and diesel car ban - What does it mean?

    There are a broad number of ways that the climate emergency is being tackled.

    These stem from massive government initiatives to just small efforts made by individuals. Every little bit does contribute to the wider fight, and nothing should be overlooked.

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  • Tackling solar power myths - Setting the record straight

    The benefits of renewable, sustainable energy should be pretty well known by now. Finding alternatives to traditional energy sources and replacing them with green energy solutions will set our society on a better footing moving forwards.

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  • Navitron’s guide to Solar PV Panels

    If you drive through any village, town or city in the UK today and keep your eyes looking upwards (while remaining safe of course!), it won’t be long until a solar panel catches your eye.

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