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  • The Top 5 Benefits of Solar Thermal Energy

    Solar thermal energy is a popular form of renewable energy. It harnesses energy from the sun to generate thermal energy or electricity which can be used by businesses and in the home. Many people can use solar thermal energy, making it a versatile and beneficial investment. If you’re interested in this type of renewable power and how it can be beneficial for you, discover our top 5 benefits of solar thermal energy below:

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  • Why You Need Solar Panels

    Whilst the rise in solar popularity has increased in 2017, there are still many home owners who are unaware of the many advantages of switching to this renewable energy solution. If you’re looking for a way to reduce your electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint, you could seriously benefit from investing in solar panels.

    As solar energy experts, the Navitron team has helped thousands of households and business owners go green over the past years and we have 3 very good reasons why you should make the switch too.

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  • Commercial Solar Panels – The Smart Way to Go Green and Reduce Electricity Costs

    Are you a business manager looking to source green energy for your office? If so, Navitron’s range of commercial solar panels is the perfect place to start. Featuring solar panels that are ideal for both smaller or larger spaces, any business can take a step towards a greener life. Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of using renewable energy?

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  • How To Choose The Best Caravan Solar Panels For You

    First, we’d like to congratulate you on making the decision to go green and embrace solar power for your caravan! As increasingly more people are going caravanning or camping, especially during the summer, AND taking advantage of the Sun’s power to generate electricity, we’ve created this guide to help you choose the best caravan solar panels for you.

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  • Why You Need Solar Battery Chargers

    If you’re a regular user of solar power, then we know you’ll be constantly looking for ways to make the most out of your sustainable green energy source. You may be thinking that the only way you can do this is to connect to the National Grid, however you can also benefit from the use of solar battery chargers.

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  • Go Green With Solar Panels For Camping and Caravanning

    If you’re a regular camper then you’ll know that sometimes you need an energy source to make tasks such as cooking possible. If you want an easy to use energy source that is also environmentally friendly, then we thoroughly recommend our specialist solar panels for camping and caravanning. Read on to learn more about their use, benefits and features.

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  • Government must reform storage solution regulations in 2017

    Progress has been slow to integrate the capacity of domestic renewable power systems into the country’s energy policy, according to leading UK green energy company, Navitron.

    The Renewable Energy Association (REA) says that energy storage is still a missing piece in the UK’s energy policy. In 2016 it called on the government to make a number of market and regulatory changes to boost the development of decentralised energy. Key to success is opening up opportunities for new local energy markets that encourage smaller-scale systems to come online.

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  • Enjoy renewable energy outdoors

    For people who love camping, caravanning, sailing or river boating the green energy company, Navitron, says small solar panels can add to their enjoyment of the outdoor lifestyle and ensure they’re free to move around.

    For many, the need to hook up to a nightly electrical connection can spoil the whole outdoor experience. A lot of people are also keen to find ways to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, so small-scale solar power solutions have a lot to offer.

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  • What Are Your Eco-Friendly Credentials?

    As certain renewable energies have become more affordable, and more countries become aware of the importance of investing in sustainable technologies in order to help the environment, increasingly more people from all walks of life are interested in in ‘going green’ and are proud to share their eco-friendly credentials.

    Since 2004, Navitron, have made available the latest eco technologies at affordable prices to help hundreds of homeowners and businesses embrace the increasingly popular trend for implementing renewable energy. Whether it’s solar power or other types of renewable energy, including wood stoves, water and wind turbines and more, the experienced and passionate team at Navitron have worked together with customers all over the UK to identify and supply the most suitable renewable solution to meet their needs.

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  • Investments in Renewable Energy Overtaking Fossil Fuels in 2015

    Despite the subsidy cuts imposed to solar energy late last year in the UK, it seems like 2015 was a great year for renewable energy across the planet, with the UK continuing to contribute a significant share of green energy. According to a recent BBC article, investments in renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind and hydropower overtook the money spent on fossil-based fuels.

    However, it seems like this achievement is partly due to emerging countries which have actually invested more than developed nations in renewable energy, with China topping the list, followed by countries such as Mauritania, Honduras, Uruguay and Morocco.

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