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  • Energy Trends to Watch in 2016

    It can probably be said with some confidence that, globally, 2015 was a bad year for energy investors! Oil prices plummeted; natural gas production, whilst up, found storage to be almost at capacity; and continued unrest in the Middle East made for continued anxiety.

    What, then, can we expect in 2016?

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  • How Renewable Energy Directives are Costing the Industry, and the Earth

    Like other businesses, solar energy companies have a right to compete properly in the global marketplace. To be given a fair chance to prosper, to thrive. But renewable energy subsidies (governmental directives) can make it nigh on impossible for many solar companies to even survive.

    Throw other headaches into the mix, such as 1) the increasingly stringent solar thermal qualification requirements, 2) burdensome administration, and 3) an over-complicated application process; and it's not hard to see why solar thermal engineers, and sales persons, everywhere are shaking their heads.

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