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  • Government must reform storage solution regulations in 2017

    Progress has been slow to integrate the capacity of domestic renewable power systems into the country’s energy policy, according to leading UK green energy company, Navitron.

    The Renewable Energy Association (REA) says that energy storage is still a missing piece in the UK’s energy policy. In 2016 it called on the government to make a number of market and regulatory changes to boost the development of decentralised energy. Key to success is opening up opportunities for new local energy markets that encourage smaller-scale systems to come online.

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  • Enjoy renewable energy outdoors

    For people who love camping, caravanning, sailing or river boating the green energy company, Navitron, says small solar panels can add to their enjoyment of the outdoor lifestyle and ensure they’re free to move around.

    For many, the need to hook up to a nightly electrical connection can spoil the whole outdoor experience. A lot of people are also keen to find ways to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, so small-scale solar power solutions have a lot to offer.

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