A Plea From The David School Trust

The David School and the Emergency Situation in Sierra Leone

Dear Supporters

I feel sure you will have been reading the worrying news from West Africa about the spread of the Ebola virus.

The Trustees are in daily contact with our helpers and teachers out in Sierra Leone and we are monitoring the situation very carefully. I am pleased to report that there are currently no cases of the disease in our community at Mile 36. This includes the David School pupils, staff and village residents. The school is currently closed for the summer break. The hospital in Waterloo that treats our children also has no cases.

We are told that the country around the capital, Freetown, is paralysed, with people just staying indoors as much as possible. There is a state of emergency and the advice is not to hold gatherings or to travel. Lots of businesses, hotels and banks are closed, leaving some without their source of income. Cases of the virus are more to the north toward Guinea and Liberia and some towns with infected cases have been isolated. Guinea and Liberia have closed their borders which isolates Sierra Leone. However, the port is still open and some airlines are still flying to Lungi, although British Airways have now decided not to fly there before September.

My plan was to go to Sierra Leone in early September but this will not now happen. I fear that the medical situation in the country will get worse before it gets better. In addition, food prices have already started to rise which will bring great hardship to already poor people living close to the ‘breadline.’

I have been asked by many people what can be done to help. It is essential that we continue to monitor the situation and have funds available to provide the necessary support for our community including the hospital. With this in mind, we intend to open an Emergency Fund (EF) as part of our charity account. This will be available to the Trustees and enable them to react quickly if there is an immediate need.

We have already received £300 and if you would like to contribute, then please make your donation to one of the following accounts, including (EF) in the reference.

Barclays Sort Code: 20-43-63
Account Number: 33469395
Account Name: The David School Trust (Reg Charity No 1129314)

Donations from Norway to NORFO account for The David School. 1503.48.37926

Thank you for your continuing support and contributions. I promise to keep you informed of any developments.


'Received Tuesday 12 August from Ibrahim Sorie Dumboya

Hello David.

How are you doing.
I went to your apartment to do some work today.
Situation here is tough. Life is full of stress. Hope for
life is small. Movement is restricted.
Each and everybody thinking about how he can save from this disaster in our country as nobody knows who is with the Virus.
But the medical Authorities here are doing their level best to guide us on how to take preventions.
Prices of commodities are rising everyday. No jobs. some
businesses are closing.
Presently we are scare of going to the hospital. even if the sick is not relate to the Ebola virus.
We are praying for the sick .Please pray for us .Only God can save us.
Wishing you a safe stay.


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