Anhui Province’s Floating Solar Farm

At Navitron, we love seeing people from around the world sharing our mission to harness renewable energy to help protect the planet.

We also believe that everybody can make a difference. Whether it’s adding a hot water solar panel to your home or a major renewables project, all efforts in this space are for the greater good.

Having said this, some of the renewables projects we see are on such a scale that it’s hard not to be hugely impressed.

We’ve covered a few interesting uses for solar energy in the past, but something that’s really caught our eye is the huge floating solar panel farm that was recently set up in China.

Sitting on a manmade lake that was previously the site of coal mine, the solar panel farm is located close to the city of Huainan in the province of Anhui. This is one of the most coal-rich parts of China, but a conscious effort to utilise green energy is now taking place and is eye-catching to say the least.

The largest of its kind

Anhui’s solar farm consists of an astonishing 166,000 solar panels and a 40MW capacity – creating enough energy to power up to 15,000 homes.

The beauty of a floating solar farm is that the water naturally helps to keep the panels from overheating, thus helping them to remain working effectively.

And as they are built on lakes, this space is not being used for other purposes and has direct, simple access to exactly what it requires – the solar thermal energy created by sunlight.

A growing trend?

The solar farm was developed by Sungrow Power Supply Co, who are currently in the process of planning an even larger floating solar farm project following the success of this one.

This second floating farm is reported to have a capacity of 150MW and would easily surpass the existing farm to become the largest of its type on the planet.

It’s great to see a country of the size and scale of China looking to alleviate its reliance on fossil fuels and start to embrace alternative, sustainable methods of energy production.

We hope that more and more governments around the world follow China’s lead and adopt and implement sustainable, green alternatives to fossil fuel consumption.

Go Green Today

If you’ve been inspired by the floating solar panel farm, you too can embrace solar energy this summer.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial business, there’s no reason not to look into the benefits solar energy and green technology can deliver.

Browse our online shop and select from our range of home and commercial solar panels, wood stoves, heat pumps and other green technologies we have available to you.

Take a look through our FAQs today and if you have any additional questions, get in touch with our team of experts.

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