Apple’s Commitment to 100% Renewables

Apple is one of the biggest companies on the planet for good reason. It has been a front-runner in the technology industry for decades, introducing countless products that are renowned for their ease-of-use, high-functionality and sleek style.

Regardless of how successful they are, any major global company today comes under intense pressure to operate in the most green and eco-friendly way possible.

And rightly so! We believe technological advancement shouldn’t come at a cost to our planet and environment.

Committing to Green

In Apple’s case, they’ve stepped up to the mark and are not only leading the way in the technology arena, but are also set a precedent when it comes to a major company operating in a renewable way.

Earlier this year, Apple announced that its global facilities are now powered with 100% clean energy.

This covers the company’s retail stores, offices, data centre and co-located facilities in 43 countries globally.

Additionally, nine of its manufacturing partners have made the same commitment. They joined 14 other companies in committing to powering all their Apple production with 100% clean energy.

Global Energy Projects

Not only is the company committing to green manufacturing, but Apple and its network of partners are working to build new renewable energy projects at a number of locations around the world.

These projects cover things from solar arrays and wind farms to investment in emerging technologies that can help shape the green arena. These technologies include biogas fuel cells, micro-hydro generation systems and energy storage technologies.

There are currently 25 operational renewable energy projects led by Apple taking place across the world, including at it’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, which is the largest LEED Platinum-certified office building in North America.

Collectively, these projects total in 626 megawatts of generation capacity and recorded 286 megawatts of solar PV generation in 2017.

Join the Green Movement

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