Automating your home – efficiency at its finest?

You might remember many years ago watching a programme on the BBC called Tomorrow’s World. For anyone too young to remember or just unable to recollect, Tomorrow’s World ran from 1965 to 2003 on terrestrial television and essentially showcased new developments in the worlds of science and technology.

Many of the 1,400 episodes that were made focused on how technology would impact our day to day lives. Some technologies shown are now things we’re accustomed to and many of us couldn’t live without. Others always seemed a bit pie in the sky and fanciful.

One idea frequently referred back to was the notion of the ‘home of the future’, and how technology would impact the domestic space was often an area of discussion and focus.

Home automation technologies have come a long way since the turn of the millennium, and some of the ideas once raised on Tomorrow’s World are now a distinct reality.

Automated products have penetrated the mainstream in the domestic space in a big way, allowing you to control your home like never before.

Smart lighting for example is possible with products such as Phillips Hue light bulbs. These can be connected with your devices and controlled remotely. They can also be connected with virtual assistant technologies such as the voice controlled Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo and Google Home Hub. This means that having control of elements of your home from the relaxing comfort of your sofa, or even when you’re out and about, is now possible. Being able to remotely control your home from anywhere in the world is a great way to add peace of mind.

In fact, there are full home automation systems out there too. These are designed to control everything from your  home lighting to the temperature of your rooms, whether your curtains are drawn, your entertainment systems and even your home appliances.

Smart heating initiatives such as Hive Heating for example keep users in the loop about their home heating. Smart washing machines mean you can set your washing machine to wash remotely. So if you remember that you didn’t start your wash and you’ve already left the house, a handy app lets you do so.

The beauty of home automation technology is that it helps minimise the amount of energy you use. It helps you use what you need, when you need it.

That is good for 2 reasons:

-          1. They help cut down on the use of natural resources

-          2. They help cut down your household bills

We’re all for people embracing automation technology in their home, as at Navitron, these are the same two reasons for embracing our own products.

Our range contains superb items that are all similarly effective at cutting down on your natural resource usage.

Our solar hot water technology for example uses the sun’s natural energy to heat water for your home. We sell solar panels designed for solar hot water systems, as well as solar hot water cylinders that can play a vital role in building an effective solar hot water system.

There’s also a wide range of solar photovoltaic products available from Navitron. This process gathers natural energy from the sun and converts it into electricity, with no emissions and no noise.

We have solar PV panels, as well as accessories, roof mounting, PV grid tie inverters and much more. Take a look through our full solar panel PV range.

Wood burning stoves are also available from Navitron, and can have a similarly dynamic effect. These offer an environmentally neutral heating solutions for your home, and don’t use any power or electricity.

Navitron’s technology is a great way to embrace solar energy and use electricity in your home that will ultimately help you cut your bills down too.

Combine renewable energy solutions from Navitron with smart home technology and save cash over time, as well as being able to join the green economy and make your own contribution.

If you have any questions about our products or solutions, be sure tocontact the Navitron team today.

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