Ecofans – a Beginner’s Guide

It seems that every year we encounter headlines about energy costs going up and people’s budgets being stretched further and further.

The fact of the matter is operating a home or business and keeping it warm and comfortable during the cold winter months can be a logistical and financial challenge.

A viable alternative is through a combination of wood stoves and Ecofans. These products are truly a match made in heaven, and in our latest Navitron blog, we explain the benefits Ecofans can bring to your home.

What is an Ecofan?

Ecofans for wood stoves are a carefully designed technology that aim to enhance the distribution of heat within a room.

Because heat naturally rises, there’s a risk of uneven distribution and not being able to create a truly comfortable environment. Ecofans counter this by encouraging even heat distribution throughout a space.

How do they work?

a nickel Ecofan 810 from Caframo

Ecofans are wood stove accessories that are powered by heat. They harness the energy created from a wood stove.

Most fans contain a thermoelectric module that powers the generator within the fan. This generator then powers the motor, which keeps the fan operating and circulate the warm air evenly.

There’s no batteries or electricity from your mains being used. So the result is a cut down on resource usage and household bill costs.

What is the end result?

a diagram demonstrating how heat distributionworks with an Ecofan

If you have a wood stove in your living room or kitchen for example, you naturally want to get the highest levels of effectiveness when it comes to air movement and heat distribution. An Ecofan accessory on your wood stove ensures that this is the case.

By manipulating the air flow and preventing heat being stuck around the ceilings of your room, an Ecofan can help fully share the heat available throughout a living area.

That means that you can make an environment in which you can easily get comfortable within and relax with ease.

What’s available?

a brass Ecofan from Caframo

Navitron has a wide variety of Ecofans available for you to buy and start making the move to better heating solutions without using mains resources.

We have a great selection of Caframo Ecofans available from our online store, with Ecofan Ultrair 810 models available in a range of colours to match the rest of your room’s aesthetic.

These Ecofans are made from anodised aluminium, meaning they will not rust, and can operate at temperatures up to 700 degrees.

We also have Ecofan 800 models from Caframo available.

There’s a host of wood stove accessories available to buy at Navitron, so find what you’re looking for and enhance the green economy today.

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