Navitron to hold a Solar Thermal Familiarisation Course on 23rd February

Navitron are excited to announce the first training course that will take place this year, on Tuesday, 23rd February at our office located in Rutland. It is a Solar Thermal Familiarisation Course that consists of a comprehensive agenda which will ensure that by the end of the day participants have familiarised themselves with the solar thermal industry and different types of technology, making it a great opportunity for professionals interested in learning more about solar power.

Below you can read more about the Navitron Solar Thermal Familiarisation Course agenda:


09.30 – Meet and Greet

1. Health & Safety

2. Introduction

3. Theory of Operation

4. Types of Cylinder

5. Types of Panel

6. New Components

- AL Panels

- Roof Mounting

- Pumpstations

- New sorrel Controller Range

- Spirovents


7. Sizing a System

8. Component layout

9. Filling and Bleeding a System

10. Maintenance

Tea Break

11. Trade Prices & Discounts

12. RHI & Easy MCS vs DIY

13. Marketing.

14. Q&A

At the end of the course each participant will receive a course completion certificate. Furthermore, the first two courses are FREE to book a place and then they will be chargeable on a monthly basis, so hurry up to book your place now! You can do that using our online booking form available here.

You can learn more about Navitron’s training courses on our website. We’re looking forward to meeting everyone at the course!

One thought on “Navitron to hold a Solar Thermal Familiarisation Course on 23rd February”

  • Gus

    Superb day, you can read all you like on a forum as to what you "think" you know, however there is no substitute for a patient walk-through by the manufacturer who has "ALL" the knowledge!

    Recommended to all, a great day, thanks to all involved.

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