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  • Go Green With Solar Panels For Camping and Caravanning

    If you’re a regular camper then you’ll know that sometimes you need an energy source to make tasks such as cooking possible. If you want an easy to use energy source that is also environmentally friendly, then we thoroughly recommend our specialist solar panels for camping and caravanning. Read on to learn more about their use, benefits and features.

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  • Government must reform storage solution regulations in 2017

    Progress has been slow to integrate the capacity of domestic renewable power systems into the country’s energy policy, according to leading UK green energy company, Navitron.

    The Renewable Energy Association (REA) says that energy storage is still a missing piece in the UK’s energy policy. In 2016 it called on the government to make a number of market and regulatory changes to boost the development of decentralised energy. Key to success is opening up opportunities for new local energy markets that encourage smaller-scale systems to come online.

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  • Enjoy renewable energy outdoors

    For people who love camping, caravanning, sailing or river boating the green energy company, Navitron, says small solar panels can add to their enjoyment of the outdoor lifestyle and ensure they’re free to move around.

    For many, the need to hook up to a nightly electrical connection can spoil the whole outdoor experience. A lot of people are also keen to find ways to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, so small-scale solar power solutions have a lot to offer.

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  • What Are Your Eco-Friendly Credentials?

    As certain renewable energies have become more affordable, and more countries become aware of the importance of investing in sustainable technologies in order to help the environment, increasingly more people from all walks of life are interested in in ‘going green’ and are proud to share their eco-friendly credentials.

    Since 2004, Navitron, have made available the latest eco technologies at affordable prices to help hundreds of homeowners and businesses embrace the increasingly popular trend for implementing renewable energy. Whether it’s solar power or other types of renewable energy, including wood stoves, water and wind turbines and more, the experienced and passionate team at Navitron have worked together with customers all over the UK to identify and supply the most suitable renewable solution to meet their needs.

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  • Investments in Renewable Energy Overtaking Fossil Fuels in 2015

    Despite the subsidy cuts imposed to solar energy late last year in the UK, it seems like 2015 was a great year for renewable energy across the planet, with the UK continuing to contribute a significant share of green energy. According to a recent BBC article, investments in renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind and hydropower overtook the money spent on fossil-based fuels.

    However, it seems like this achievement is partly due to emerging countries which have actually invested more than developed nations in renewable energy, with China topping the list, followed by countries such as Mauritania, Honduras, Uruguay and Morocco.

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  • Osborne’s Budget a Disappointment to UK’s Renewable Energy Industry

    The most recent round of subsidy cuts hitting the renewables sector in January 2016  is having a negative impact as predicted across the solar energy industry.

    Consumers have started to lose interest in going green without the benefit of the previous incentives, investors are more sceptical to invest in renewable energy and all of this can ultimately lead to higher energy bills for consumers.

    Not only have these cuts affected hundreds of companies in the renewable industry, but ultimately they can also impede the UK from reaching its targets for international climate change and they will cost not only money, but also the environment.

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  • Solar Panels for Hot Water: Why using ‘green’ water is good for you!

    Having solar panels for hot water (and any required ancillary equipment) installed will not only help you save money, but you will also be doing your bit for the planet: by burning fewer traditional fossil fuels and instead using a renewable energy source that is, of course, available in abundance and completely without charge.

    Whether you need hot water for bathing, washing clothes or any other domestic activities, switching to solar panels can make a world of a difference. Furthermore, at Navitron we offer solar panels for hot water that are suitable for domestic, as well as commercial premises, so if you’re a business owner it’s also certainly worth considering going green. Not only it can help you save money, but it can also be beneficial for your company’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy.

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  • Navitron to hold a Solar Thermal Familiarisation Course on 23rd February

    Navitron are excited to announce the first training course that will take place this year, on Tuesday, 23rd February at our office located in Rutland. It is a Solar Thermal Familiarisation Course that consists of a comprehensive agenda which will ensure that by the end of the day participants have familiarised themselves with the solar thermal industry and different types of technology, making it a great opportunity for professionals interested in learning more about solar power.

    Below you can read more about the Navitron Solar Thermal Familiarisation Course agenda:

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  • BlackMagic Optimisers

    The key to a solar power installation being a complete success is for purchasers to also wisely invest in BlackMagic Optimisers, which can help you to harvest the absolute maximum energy created by your panels.

    In fact, no solar panel set up is quite complete until BlackMagic Optimisers are included: take full advantage of your panels but without damaging them (or having them become hazardous) through being pushed to the max. BlackMagic Optimisers are safe to use, easy to control, and available to buy from us at Navitron TODAY.

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  • Solar Hot Water Kits (DIY and Professional)

    These days, most people are trying to save money. The economic crisis of recent years may seem well in the past for some lucky folk, but for many, belt-tightening could now be described as the norm’, a "way of life", even. One great way to conserve funds, whilst simultaneously protecting our planet, is to switch from traditional energy to renewable. Installing a solar hot water kit at your home or business premises is a great and easy way to do this. What's more, the solar hot water kits available to buy from Navitron today can be fitted by purchasers, or professional installation can easily be arranged by us.

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