Your Guide to Renewable Camping Items

Getting out and enjoying the great outdoors in the summertime is something to be cherished. When the sun is shining, being out in the heart of mother nature and embracing all she has to offer is a true joy.

The UK has seen a pleasant rise in the number of people going on camping holidays in recent years as more and more people discover how great this simplistic, peaceful way of holidaying can be.

At Navitron, we know that the vast majority of people who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors want to preserve the earth and live their lives in the most green and sustainable way they can.

To allow more people to embrace the green ethic while on their camping holiday, we offer a great selection of products that will not only provide a practical purpose, but also give users the peace of mind of knowing that they are helping to protect the environment too.

We’ve picked out a few of our favourite items that can help you create the ideal renewable camping arrangement on your next trip.

1 – Flexible Solar PV Panel

At Navitron, we have a range of flexible camping solar panels for sale that are an ideal way to power batteries in an eco-friendly way.

For example, our 100w Flexible Solar PV panels with MC4 Connectors are perfect for placing beside your tent or on top of your caravan to provide you with a source of free electricity.

This is a great option for camping, particularly in remote locations where mains electricity may be hard to come by.

2 – Folding Panel

Folding solar panels are the ideal addition to an eco-friendly campers’ artillery. Easy to manoeuvre and store, these panels allow you to take advantage of the solar energy produced by the sun’s rays while out camping.

Perfect if you want to charge items like phones, tablets and digital devices while on your holiday, we stock a selection of solar panels at Navitron that can help you keep things charged during your trip.

3 – Tea Light

Give your camp a true home from home feel with a tea light lamp with LCD lighting.

Featuring JOI technology, this tea light is powered by the heat from the candle placed on the inside, helping to provide more light for your tent and helping you read, relax and enjoy your time away.

4 – Evacuated Tube Solar Panels

Looking for ways to heat drinks and certain foods while out camping? Our selection of Evacuated Tube Solar Panels are a great way to do this while remaining eco-friendly.

The design of our Evacuated Tube Solar Panels at Navitron allows for the collector to always be facing the sun’s rays. That means these tubes are charged and able to offer a great way to prepare meals and drinks without using mains electricity around the clock.

Find Great Green Products now

Navitron offers a range of exciting solar-powered products that will help you enjoy your camping trip in the greenest way. Take a look through our range and find yourself a great buy today.

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