What heat pump should I get?

If you’re tired of watching your home energy bills slowly creep higher and higher, there’s a number of things you can do.

One route is to analyse your habits and work out the ways in which you can lower your energy usage. There’s a host of options here, so take the time to review how you and your family can develop more positive habits.

But if you want to make a more radical change, the green energy route is a possible one to go down.

A viable option for your home, and one that truly harnesses the capabilities of green economy, is buying a heat pump.

Gathering its energy capabilities from natural elements such as the air or the earth, heat pumps are a green, alternative way to power your home.

In the latest Navitron blog, we take a look at the benefits of heat pumps, how they work, and why they could work really well in your home. Read on to find out more.

What are heat pumps?

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Heat pumps take natural sources and turn them into usable heat that can help make your home a comfortable space this winter.

There are two main types of heating pump - air source and ground source.

Air source heat pumps extract heat from the air and turn this into usable heat for your home. Ground source heat pumps do the same thing but take heat from the earth.

Are heat pumps efficient?

Essentially, heat pumps bring the heat from the outdoors in. They can be used to heat your home, as well as to power water heat pumps for you and your family.

These pumps are also effective in the summer months, being capable of cooling warm rooms as well as heating cool ones.

All in all, heat pumps offer an efficient green alternative to typical heating methods.

The benefits of air source heat pumps

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So that’s how they work. But what benefits can you realise by bringing an air source heat pump into your home?

The main benefit is a reduction in your energy bills. Tapping into the natural elements at your disposal can help you lower your mains heating demand.

Air source heat pumps also have a quick installation process, meaning you can take advantage of the pump’s capabilities in no time.

These pumps also require no fuel storage, but do need cleaning every few months. With good protection and care, they can last for many years.

You could even benefit from payments from the UK government as part of its Renewable Heat Incentive!

Air source heat pumps and creating a green home

An air source heat pump is a logical step for anybody seeking to create a green home.

The fact these systems use the earth and the air are truly a reflection of their green capabilities.

The elements that power the air source heat pump system are an endless resource. That means you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re creating a truly green home.

How about geothermal heat pumps? 

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Geothermal heat pumps, also known as ground source heat pumps, utilise heat from the earth itself.

These systems are comprised of tubing under the earth’s surface. The tubes contain water with little antifreeze, and extract stored energy for domestic use.

An alternative to gas and electric heating?

You may be wondering whether heat pumps are really a viable alternative to your current heating set up.

In truth, heat pumps are a great way to harness green energy, but they don’t tend to produce the kind of heat supply you’ll get from oil and gas boilers for example.

So, air source heat pumps are the perfect complement to your existing heating system and can help you keep a higher temperature in your home. You can tap into this source to help lower your energy bills and substantially save money.

Given this, it might be that air source heat pumps are effective for heating water, or for underfloor heating in the main.

Air source heat pumps do have some slight drawbacks. They do require electricity to operate if you are not able to use solar or wind power, meaning some running costs. They also are most effective when you have a good insulation set up. If you don’t, they might not be the best fit.

While there are pros and cons to heat pumps, the fact of the matter is that this is a positive step in the right direction from a green perspective. Whether you choose an air source or ground source heat pump and add it to your home’s set up, you will be bringing yourself in line with the green economy, and lowering your home’s carbon footprint.

Navitron can help

a filling/draining valve for an air source heat pump from Navitron

To help support your air source or ground source heat pump venture, Navitron has a wide range of heat pump accessories available.

Our range includes air source heat pump accessories and fittings. With products from leading suppliers including Conex, Primaflow and Spirotech, we stock flexihoses, ball lever valves and time switches.

We also have a selection of ground source heat pump accessories, including flow switches to help ensure your system is operating in the most effective way possible.

To find out more about how to adopt a greener way of living and embrace heat pump technology, be sure to get in touch with the Navitron team today.

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