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Easy MCS

As a major supplier to the Renewable Energy industry - Navitron are very much aware of the administrative and bureaucratic burden being placed upon installers with the introduction of the MCS, Feed in Tariff  and RHI schemes. Ultimately these burdens are having a negative effect on the industry as it limits the ability of a non MCS installer to only carrying out work that is not to be registered under the Feed in Tariff / Renewable Heat incentive schemes. 
Navitron has introduced the EasyMCS Scheme to facilitate easy access to the MCS for smaller installation companies, by making our MCS licence available to our installers. Many installers will be put off the MCS scheme because of the high level of hidden costs (you'll need to budget in excess of £5000 to comply with MCS registration requirements), and its greater emphasis on paperwork rather than workmanship. Many installers have had to take on extra staff simply to cope with the paperwork burden caused by the MCS.
Navitron believes that installers should concentrate on providing high quality workmanship, and leave us to do the paperwork. Thus, joining the Navitron EasyMCS scheme allows you to concentrate on what you're best at. Of course, if you prefer to register as an MCS installer, you can do so, and use the EasyMCS option to allow you to start doing installations right away, whilst you transit through the approval process (usually 3-6months).

Benefits for the Installer
  • Navitron handles the MCS administrative burden and paperwork.
  • Navitron operates the Quality Management System.
  • Navitron generate and issues the quotation, including your installation fee, in the format required by MCS .
  • You set the installation cost.
  • Navitron designs the system in accordance with best practice.
  • Installation is underwritten and guaranteed by Navitron.
  • You aren't required to pay up-front for the equipment – helps your cashflow.
  • Free Technical support on any installation-related issue.
  • High income stream potential.
  • Navitron provide leads for work in your area.
  • Professional, honest, easy to digest advertising flyers and signage available on request.
Benefits to the customer
    • The customer gets an accurate, detailed quotation with no hidden charges.
    • The customer gets an MCS approved system installed, at an affordable price. Navitrons ethos is to provide "Renewable energy at an affordable price".
    • Customer pays 5% VAT, instead of 20% (this saving can cover up to 50% of the labour costs of the installation)
    • Customer qualifies for lucrative feed in tarriff / renewable heat incentive*.
    • Customer Technical support and backup via Navitron
Benefits to Navitron
        Continued and increased sales. EasyMCS keeps small installers in business. Small installers have been responsible for the majority of installations in the UK to date. We feel it is imperative to keep these people in business!
How it works

In order to participate in the scheme, Installers will have to register with Navitron and provide the following documentation / information:-

- A copy of the installers liability insurance.

- A copy of the installers qualifications / training certificates / relevant experience.

- A copy of any equipment calibration certificates, relating to test and safety equipment that is used during an installation.

Once registered on the scheme enquiries can be generated in many ways , but in essence the process is as follows:-

1. Enquiry received by Navitron or by installer.

2. Navitron arranges site visit with installer.

3. Installer contacts the customer and arranges a specific time and date for the site survey.

4. Installer carries out a site survey of the customers property.

5. Installer submits site survey including a breakdown of his installation charges (labour fees, inspection fees, any other cost not included in the equipment supplied by Navitron) and site photographs to the navitron office by email, post or by fax.

6. Navitron produce a formal written quote for the customer.

7. Customer accepts the quotation and pays a 25% deposit to Navitron Ltd.

8. Navitron contacts the installer and issue an installation contract, which installer must sign and return (by email, fax or post)

9. Installer agrees with the customer a suitable installation date.

10. Navitron despatch goods to site or to the installer.

11. Installer carries out the installation.

12. Installer commissions the installation and submits commissioning paperwork and photographic record to Navitron.

13. Installer submits invoice for Installation fee to Navitron.

14. Navitron submit bill for the balance payment to the customer .

15. Navitron receive final payment.

16. Navitron pay the agreed installation fee to the Installer.

17. Navitron register the installation with the DNO.

18. Navitron register the installation with the MCS scheme, including MCS fees

19. Navitron files all paperwork in Navitron's MCS-compliant QMS.

20. Customer receives MCS certificate.

21. Customer registers with their energy provider to claim "Feed in Tarriff" / "Renewable heat incentive".

Navitron assume responsibility for the installation on completion of commisioning and handover to the customer. Under the rules of the MCS scheme Navitron have to carry out a quality inspection of a percentage of installations installed by sub-contractors. Navitron will liaise with the installer as and when this is required.

Installer Obligations

The MCS scheme is heavily weighted towards the consumer. Under MCS rules, if the consumer complains, certain steps have to be taken, which are onerous both in terms of QMS and for the installer. Because of this, Navitron needs to ensure that installers take full responsibility for their installation work, and agree to comply with the MCS requirements. Therefore installers taking advantage of Navitron's EasyMCS scheme must agree to the following:

The installer shall abide by the REAL code of conduct.

The installer must use 'competent persons' to sign off work requiring certification (eg Part P).

The installer must attend a recognised solar installation training course, eg BPEC, City & Guilds or attend one of our "In House" installation courses run by Epogee.

The installer must provide copies of his Training Certificate, Public Liability Insurance Certificate, and the certificates of any subcontractors used for certification or work.

The installer is responsible for ensuring that they comply with ther "Working at Height regulations – 2005" when carrying out above ground installation works.

The installer agrees to carry out the installation according to MCS standards, and in compliance with any specific instructions provided by Navitron.

The installer agrees to work to a high standard and guarantee their workmanship for a period of 2 years from commisioning.

The installer will be responsible for the quality of the installation. If this falls short of the requirements of the MCS standard, it will be the installer's responsibility to rectify this, at his cost.

If the customer makes any complaint regarding the installation, the installer will be required to visit the customer to assess the problem within 14days, at his costs, regardless of whether or not the customer's complaint is upheld. (This only applies if the installation is still within its 2 year workmanship warranty period).

In the event of equipment failure within the guarantee period, the installer will be required to diagnose and rectify the problem. The failed equipment will be exchanged free of charge by Navitron, but the installer will be expected to carry out the remedial work at his cost.

If the installer is unable to attend the customer's site for a meeting, assessment or rectification work as detailed above, Navitron will arrange an alternative installer, the cost of which will be the responsibility of the original installer contracted for that job.


Joining the scheme

If you are interested in joining the "Easy MCS" scheme you can download all this information as a PDF including the registration form by clicking here. You can send it along with the required documentation either by E-Mail to mcs@navitron.org.uk

or by mail to:

The MCS Manager


2 Lands End Way



LE15 6RB

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