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Title: help with ultra low cost photovoltaic development
Post by: dobbin on June 23, 2010, 04:21:39 PM
I am a newbie and I was hoping that amongst all the members there might be other mad science types like myself. I have started to make solar cells and I know my limitations- I can take a surface and put onto it A kind of pattern (like a series of waves) I then coat the tops and sides with metals so that the valleys(for want of a better word) are non conducting.

this leaves me with two different metals on each wall of the valley conneted to the other metal in the next valley- making a cascade of connected valleys this is on the micron/sub micron scale (I use same tech as is used for security holograms).

My problem is choice of metals and what semiconducting material to fill the valleys with so to make cascaded PV diode structures that cannot short circuit and dont use a transparent conductor.

I could use lead sulphide and am considering silicon in the short term - yes it costs a lot and is slow to put down but its known.

I am after suggestions for the metals and the filler material all options are open I can even put in nano stuff if its useful
any suggestions and input warmly recieved- my hope is to make this work as then it could be produced and made available for I think 10p per watt.