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Title: Stora - low(ish) power NAS that can be 'upgraded' to Debian
Post by: justsomeguy on June 19, 2011, 06:44:26 PM

I got an empty Stora the other day (60)  to replace my long servicing FSG that died after a powercut.

Seems ok in 'normal' form, quite hackable (root access is easy). Going to stick debian on it and try to get zonemonitor working...(CCTV) over the next few weeks. Only pain is you need to build a cable to reprogram it reliably at the full OS level.

little plug in meter tells me it runs  at 6-10 watts with a single 2tb harddrive in and has built in clock to turn on and off to reduce that a bit more.

but there is a forum dedicated to it over at 

basic specs (From memory):

1gz arm processor
2 sata drive
gb networking
256mb flash for OS
256mb ram

single usb port

Just thought i'd start a topic and update if i manage to do anything useful.