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Title: Anyone recognise this stove?
Post by: Moxi on August 05, 2011, 11:05:26 AM
Hi Everyone,

Long story cut short, I have bought a cottage and am the owner of a large mystery stove (no obvious makers name).

Its in good condition except the flue damper is rusted solid in the open position (happily better than closed) and there is a crack in the cast flue elbow at the rear top/back of the unit which is unsightly but doesn't pass fume, the flue pipe is approx 8".

I can get the flue cap braised but if I can identify the stove make i may also be able to get a replacement casting ?

Does anyone recognise it ? - I thought from my searches it may be a Dovre? output is approx 12 to 15kW thermal no boiler the little uprights on the ash lip at the bottome are candles in glass and not part of the fire.

Any advice or help would be appreciated,


Title: Re: Anyone recognise this stove?
Post by: dhaslam on August 05, 2011, 12:00:29 PM
It sort of looks like a Dunsley  with the rounded top to the door.      An old stove that outputs  15 kW would use a lot of fuel,  with a bit of work the room should be able to be heated with much less output.   It would be  better to look at a modern replacement.

Title: Re: Anyone recognise this stove?
Post by: Moxi on August 08, 2011, 04:02:01 PM
I'm considering that as an option at a later stage as I'm a little strapped for cash at the moment, it does tend to eat logs but thats more to do with the fact that i cant close the seized damper when the grate is hot and have a very slow burn, which was why i was hoping someone may recognise it.

If i could get the flue elbow and damper repaced it will be a serviceable fire for the main room.


Title: Re: Anyone recognise this stove?
Post by: County 4x4 on August 16, 2011, 04:33:59 AM
I noticed from your other thread that you're thinking about installing a liner etc. Just a heads up that "very slow burns" are probably the quickest way to end up with that shiny new liner completely blocked with tar - you're much better running a small stove harder and then letting it go out overnight than keeping a big one slumbering. As far as the control goes, I'm not a big fan of flue dampers - if you're referring to a butterfly flap in the flue itself. A decent stove should be built well enough to provide all the control you need. If it's running away then the chances are it's a cheap Chinese thing where none of the bits fit together properly, or that the various seals are shot. The seals are considered as expendable, and should be replaced on a fairly regular basis - many chimney sweeps will do this for you, and often for les than the cost of a DIY kit from fleabay.


Title: Re: Anyone recognise this stove?
Post by: Moxi on September 07, 2011, 03:43:58 PM
Hi County 4x4,

Sorry for the delay replying, I have been on leave.  The flue baffle is on the existing large 10 to 15kW stove i inherited when i bought the cottage.

The stove has three bottom air vents, one each side and one central to the front in the access door for the ash pan. there are a further two front air vents at the top of the stove.  they all seal well and are quality castings with solid brass finishings.

I have run the stove a few times now and have concluded as you suggest in your reply that the baffle is superfluous to good running as I can fire up and get a nice ember bed going and the stove up to temperature before closing all the vents to allow the stove to tick over with the odd log to maintain the heat output.  The smaller stove i mentioned in the other thread is one that I want to but to use in the snug and I would get something similar to my stovax huntingdon 25 which is a fabulous little stove that operates flawlessly at my wife's house.



Title: Re: Anyone recognise this stove?
Post by: Moxi on September 29, 2014, 07:40:30 AM
A quick update on my last post (was it three years ago  whistle) about a mystery stove i inherited, three years on almost to the day and I have had the mystery stove identified and removed, it was a third party chinese copy according to my fitter and pretty poor in terms of casting, joints and (from my experience of the new stove that replaces it) efficiency.  I've replaced it with a dovre 525 at 8kw and whilst I had the opportunity I had the second chimney opened up lined and a dovre 250 fitted in the dinning room as I was concerned that going from a 12-15kw stove to an 8kw would leave me short on heating but the new dovre heats the cottage up in no time and really radiates the heat around the room.