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Title: Best rayburn solid fuel
Post by: jotec on January 22, 2013, 09:20:56 AM
We have had our rayburn supreme for 27 years and burn a mixture of wood and taybright. The taybright is for when we want extra heat or to keep it in overnight. Recently it has started to produce more "tar" and SWMBO wants to change the solid fuel as she is convinced this is causing the problem.

What do others use successfully?


Title: Re: Best rayburn solid fuel
Post by: wattever on January 22, 2013, 10:43:44 AM
Hi jotec,
I have also been burning either wood or smokeless fuel on my Rayburn Nouvelle for 27 years. Until recently when burning solid fuel, I have always used anthracite large nuts, but recently I have changed to a manufactured smokeless fuel (called Molacite). The reason for this is that the anthracite leaves a certain amount of ash and unburnt shale which is difficult to remove without letting the fire out. The manufactured fuels, being compressed anthracite dust, give only a fine ash when burnt and this is easily riddled into the ash pan and removed. I have never had any tarring or creosote in the flue when burning these fuels, only a fly ash which is easily removed by sweeping.
Burning wood, however, gives plenty of tar and crispy deposits, especially on tickover. So when burning wood, I always burn it at a good rate and never try to keep it in overnight by shutting it down.
Good luck,