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Title: Nook or Kindle
Post by: biff on May 27, 2013, 01:33:30 AM
She Herself has had an Ereader for years,
                                       Wants a new version,either a Nook or a Kindle.Has anyone got any idea of which is the best.Perhaps you could let me know what you think of either model and make.
          Me,I prefer to have the actual book in my hand.Got a copy of "To Hell and Back" by Audi Murphy. film star and war veteran(hero)
           I would not normally read war stories or such accounts but I remember my old man discussing Audi Murphy when I was a kid and
           I had been to see all his films.The real life Audi Murphy was much more unbelievable that the film version and not at all suitable
           viewing for the family.The last time I read this book,there were certain parts which mystified me but now that I am a good deal older
           I can understand exactly what he is saying.
            At first glance,one could accuse Murphy of boasting about all the people he killed but as time goes on one gets the chilling feeling that
           somehow boasting is the last thing he is doing.Murphy had problems sleeping so he used to go off on his own behind German lines on deadly
            killings missions.One such night his friend Brandon came looking for him and found him holed up among a line of fortified German foxholes.
            Murphy had been operating among the Germans in the dark for some 2 hours before Brandon came along and found him.One needs to read
            between the lines to understand exactly what Murphy was doing to be so successfull and poor Brandon who ignored Murphy,s warning
            not to listen to the Germans surprising offer of surrender and stepped out to accept it,paid immediatly with his life.
           I am glad I read it again,

Title: Re: Nook or Kindle
Post by: wookey on May 27, 2013, 02:44:14 AM
Or kobo. Lots more non-DRM books available, as opposed to Amazon who can take all your books away if they feel like it, with no reason or recourse:

Title: Re: Nook or Kindle
Post by: todthedog on May 27, 2013, 08:34:27 AM
What ho Biff
Like yourself I was always a book in hand man, however opinion totally changed.  Difficult here to get books in English so usually bought via Amazon, and the shipping fees were as expensive as the book.  So bought ourselves a Google Nexus tablet, so can now surf the inter-web, download a book instantaneously as well as having my entire music collection in the cloud.  Well pleased, still not as nice really good book it lacks the pleasure of a good binding and of course the smell but excellent for day to day reading.

I also always download books to the computer as backup.  There is a free book management program called calibre,which enables you to change formats,from kindle to ebook for example, download the meta data and of course store your books in a sort of library so that if the supplier gets stroppy for any reason you still have your collection.

Title: Re: Nook or Kindle
Post by: w0067814 on May 29, 2013, 10:12:21 AM
I recently purchased a Nook Simple Touch for 29 delivered (to UK from NL). I did have some teething troubles in that the unit would not accept charge, and crashed a couple of times when I tried to charge it for the first time. I'm not sure why this was - perhaps the unit became deeply discharged in storage before shipping as it had a screen saying to fully charge the unit, and this turned to one saying that there was insufficient charge to switch on and to wait 15 minutes - this lasted several hours.

However, it finally did accept charge, and it is in constant use now by my wife who is very happy with it. We have Kindle on the iPad and Android phones, but the Nook has a eInk screen which is much appreciated by the wife as it is more relaxing on the eyes than a TFT / OLED screen. Make sure you turn the wifi off when not required (syncing new books) as it sucks power and can flatten the battery very quickly.

I get the feeling that there is more choice on the Kindle platform compared to Nook, but I've not spent much time looking to be fair, so take with a pinch of salt and do some research first.

Title: Re: Nook or Kindle
Post by: smegal on May 29, 2013, 10:33:03 AM
I have a Kindle and really do rate it. However, I have never really looked at Nooks.

I had never heard of Amazon wiping Kindles and deleting accounts but am not too concerned.  stir: My books are all DRM free anyway.

Todthedog made an excellent recommendation by recommending Calibre. It is a really handy tool for managing your library as well as converting books to different formats.

If you like DRM free ( stir: ) books, an E-reader that accepts .epub files would be a good start. This saves you from needing to convert them, like I have to do for my Kindle.

Title: Re: Nook or Kindle
Post by: mespilus on May 29, 2013, 11:28:39 AM
Has anyone used Project Gutenberg?

Title: Re: Nook or Kindle
Post by: todthedog on May 29, 2013, 06:53:31 PM
Good site, if you like classics or books out of copyright.
You can find books there for free that Amazon and others charge for.

Title: Re: Nook or Kindle
Post by: OtleyLad on August 28, 2013, 07:55:09 AM
I got a Kindle (with the tiny keyboard) a year or 2 ago and looking back I wish I hadn't. Last november I got a Samsung Galaxy phone and got their 7inch tablet bundled with it for free. Downloaded the Kindle and Nook apps (again for free) and I haven't used the Kindle since. The page turning and backlighting is so much easier on the tablet and it has a colour screen of course.

The Kindle seems clunky in comparison and of course I can use the tablet for lots of other things too. The only downside is that the battery is drained in a matter of a few hours if you have the screen brightness on high (which I do on sunny days).

Title: Re: Nook or Kindle
Post by: don0301 on August 28, 2013, 09:40:49 AM
I got a Nook simple touch after they reduced the price to 29. Actually got it 8% cheaper than that by buying through Quidco.

It's brilliant, lasts for weeks if not months on one charge (make sure wifi off)

I download all my books, magazines, cartoon albums, newspapers for free off the internet, and store directly on the nook (has micro sim slot for extra storage too)

The screen is e ink so works in even brilliant sunshine.

Doesn't have a 'backlight' but I believe the next model up does, if that's what you require.

Can't fault it.

I believe soon (or now?) there is an update to allow to use it for emails etc

Title: Re: Nook or Kindle
Post by: smegal on August 28, 2013, 09:47:56 AM
I have a knidle and really like it. However, if you look around, there are sometimes some amazing offers on Nooks, making them very well priced.