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Title: Brand new wind turbine blades for sale UK
Post by: kernelpower on November 11, 2013, 10:59:41 AM
Firstly , I didnt put this in the for sale section because hopefully more people will read it here ( and Im desperate )

Help, I am really skint after the love of my life bailed I have had money problems and I need to sell these brand new blades I just bought from China AT COST disk also my turbine blew a rotor and Im real skint so can't afford the magnets/epoxy at the moment to repair, r!!!!

They are 1350mm long , weigh 2.8kg each and are advertised for a 1kw turbine Fibreglass construction.

Cost to me was  45 per blade plus 20 duty , plus 8 shipping to you for a courier , BLADES WILL BE PACKAGED EXTREMELY WELL.

One of the blades lost some paint off the front due to poor packaging but no damage as far as I can see, I will happily send you close up photos if required.

So to sum up its 163 for the set of blades including packaging and FAST delivery.

I will be putting them on Ebay for 225 ono if no one on here is interested.

Peace, Gav