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Title: Free GSHP Financial Appraisals
Post by: UOSCES on June 10, 2014, 03:55:46 PM
Hello Everyone,

As part of a research project I am currently undertaking on Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) I am looking to perform a number of economic appraisals for existing GSHPs owners free of charge. I am undertaking this research for the University of Surrey's Centre for Environmental Strategy department, and I am not affiliated with any government or commercial organisations, I am completely independent. The study will examine the differences in theoretical and in-situ costs of GSHP systems, under a number of scenarios, in residential housing only.

Once basic data is collected I will run models under a number of different scenarios to examine the performance of your GSHP system over the duration of its lifetime. These scenarios will include expansion/contraction of RHI subsidies, total system failure, costs in comparison to future energy price projections, and many others. The aim of the study is to independently find out if GSHP are financially performing to user's expectations. As such all participants will receive a copy of the study upon completion as well as having a free economic appraisal of their system. It is my intention to later release this study to the wider community as there is very little independent information out there regarding the actual costs and payback of such systems.

For anyone wishing to participate I will require some information such as:
- 2-4 years of energy bills prior to your GSHP installation
- GSHP Capital + Labour Bills + Original quotes
- Any maintenance bills
- Current utility bills
- RHI payments
- System information

If anyone is interested/have further questions/ or require more information please message me, comment below or email me at: as soon as possible so we can make arrangements.

Thank you for your time


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