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Title: The simple route,
Post by: biff on March 11, 2015, 06:53:59 PM
     Without wanting to ruffle feathers,
                                           I will post a few pics of my simple Off-Grid installation controls.
( ( This is a pic of one of my 2kw Chinese controllers. Note the big bold writing in the fron which tell you they mean business, The anderson contains only one connector the negative is connected to the big green resistors inside the controller. These controllers can handle in excess of 2kw without diverting to our immersions heaters. The house plug has a choice of two sockets, the one on the left is the generator which is located a further 80ft+ farther on and the one on the right is connected to our 2kw Chinese inverter,
( ( This is Biff,s SI, The poors MAN,S SUNNY ISLAND. The orange cables are the Generator OUT. and the white cables are the R/E in. The choice of two double sockets means that power can be supplied to the shed or the White container (above the geni) in either Generator or R/E form. The Plug for the White store is just out of sight. The big 2" black pipe was buried along along with 5 other cables as a spare to carry any future additions.
  In Mid summer, I have a 3rd controller  as back up but this summer I will more than likely leave it in situ because I am adding another 1kw of PV when I get the time.
  For anyone starting off, This must be the most simple way to do business in a small installation like ours. There are no mysteries or expensive controllers. The Chinese controllers in the Pic must be at least 7 years old, The one inn the hall in our house which diverts to heat the water storage/heater would be a bit younger, I see no reason why these could not be made to switch on AC loads, either by thermostatic switching or a solenoid of sorts.
   With this type of installation you will never be held to ransom you just make sure that you have another spare controller in the breech.
  At the moment We have a 2kw wind turbine which can generate approx 1.5kw + 3.8 kw rated pv, We get more electricity than we need and the excess is diverted in 138vdc to heat 2 large tanks which keep the house warm and make it very easy for the C/H boiler.
  Everybody has their own ideas and I guess I still have a little way to go in getting my diesel driven 2kw PMG linked to the bank and left ready to start by wireless remote control,, Not automatic but still being started from inside the house from a little blue and red fob. I am getting there. :crossed

Title: Re: The simple route,
Post by: Nickel2 on March 11, 2015, 07:15:05 PM
Fitness for purpose.
If it works and it is reliable, there is no need for complication.

Title: Re: The simple route,
Post by: camillitech on March 11, 2015, 07:24:05 PM
No 'feathers ruffled' here Biff,

It is simple, you built it, you understand it, it has built in redundancy,  and it's served you well for years  :genuflect

Cheers, Paul

Title: Re: The simple route,
Post by: biff on March 12, 2015, 09:40:55 AM
Over 10 years back,
                   When I set up our first Generator charged battery bank, I was relieved to just be rid of the noise for a few hours. In my mobile home, I had a 15" led tv, a few energy saving bulbs and that was it,!! The Bank was initially 3 x 130ah truck batts, then I added another 2,so in total I had 5 of these being charged for 4 hours+ at a time with a selection of chargers. There was no science involved, I soon found out what killed a battery and hurt the pocket. Our first venture into PV was amazing. Quite frankly, I thought there must be some mistake but there was,nt, the 2 x 80watt pv panels + our little 450watt turbine really did make saving on the red diesel.
  It was only when I gave the little turbine away to a friend, that I discovered that it was the PV that was doing all the work and the Little turbine doing the huffing and puffing.
 By then I had a 1200ah x 12v bank and a 300watt inverter, (then later a 450watt apc,ups) to run the upstairs in my partially finished house. It suited my needs because I lived elsewhere at the time and only moved here when the other property was sold.
  When I decided to get serious about R/E as a means to power the house, I went for the highest voltage that I could manage. The batteries were always going to be a massive problem. first I had 20agms, then I had 20 Yousa, Then I bought a 72volt forklift + a couple of 48v packs and made a 120v bank. I just connected the 72 volt pack in the forklift to the 48pack in series and plumbed them into the Chinese controller.( never had any shortage of buyers for my Yousa batts because I never killed them) In the beginning it was just the 120v x 2kw Y/S wind turbine with its big blades and we had years of excitement with the same baby,
  My first 120v array was only 660watt but by gum it did impress the hell out of me. That was it. I was hooked. Much as I loved our turbine, the PV just worked away quietly and I realised that anything was possible with this stuff as long as we got a little sunlight.
 Eventually over time I soused the overspeed on the turbine by fitting smaller blades. I also finally took on board what the members said about Chinese bearings and learned with the help of the members how to strip down and rebuild the 2kw Y/S.
  There is plenty more to do, Will I ever be finished,? I think so, I really do, once I  get the last 1kw array up and running and my 120v x 2kw PMG connected to my   remote start Changfa diesel and plumbed into the bank, I will be happy,,,, but wait,, there are plans for a super duper duel pmg 3kw wind turbine and I am not letting that go. ;D