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Title: free electricity for home battery store owners
Post by: billi on October 04, 2015, 07:02:30 PM[tt_news]=130&cHash=535e6387cdd5d6b2a9d228cab5e52f43

Free electricity has been charged into storage systems

A quantum leap has been made in the energy market by Deutsche Energieversorgung GmbH, the producer of the SENEC.ISE storage systems:

For the first time in the history of modern electricity has free electricity been charged into storage systems. The initial loading, which took place in the night of June 1, was the start for the swarm storage solution called Econamic Grid. This breakthrough development will make it possible for private end customers to store surplus energy free of charge within second and newer generation SENEC.Home storage systems for later use. As it is remunerated in Germany to take surplus solar and wind energy from the grid, the system will cover its own costs. This means that households can consume up to 800 kWh of domestic electricity and 2,500 kWh of heating energy per year, i.e. 80-day consumption of a typical household each year.

First one of its kind , more companies will follow and provide free electricity to their customers  and built a connected bigger store out of the individual home stores   ...batteries and immersions  will be started automatically if there is surplus of renewable electricity  and the individual/home store  has capacity to absorb ...

Title: Re: free electricity for home battery store owners
Post by: phoooby on October 04, 2015, 08:19:19 PM
Couldn't get the link to open. So this is a grid scale dump load for excess generation from renewables. Good idea but I would suggest it would need to be able to take some percentage of home grown energy as well to make the numbers work. It would be an expensive purchase if you got no input from the grid and I'll bet there is no guarantee that they will provide free power if there is no excess to export. Excess power does seems to be an increasing issue with all the PV in Germany.

Title: Re: free electricity for home battery store owners
Post by: billi on October 05, 2015, 06:11:38 AM
hi , not much info available in english   

detailed in German here

as far as i can see , one(that owns that storage system)  gets the units for free when there is surplus and for example windturbines have to get off line or reduce their output

the linked battery stores and hot watertanks , then just get feed automatically with free units (max 800 kwh for electricity and max 2000 kwh for heatpump/immersion  per year the moment )

so, unused electricity is stored for later use (sure on a small scale for now , but) the company that offers this uses basically our well known forklift batteries  ;D

anyway , a nice concept ,   that is similar to for example energy intense  steel melting plants to profit from cheap units ....


Title: Re: free electricity for home battery store owners
Post by: freddyuk on October 05, 2015, 09:17:37 AM
Is it likely a box of lead acid batteries are going to be installed and maintained in the average domestic situation? There are new technologies which may be non toxic and require little maintenance that will do the job and consist of materials that are freely available. All new technology is expensive but costs normally come down once the investment has been recovered. If batteries are made from a limited resource then the costs may never come down so the likes of Lithium may be at a disadvantage in the race for a safe, cheap and freely available energy storage solution.

Title: Re: free electricity for home battery store owners
Post by: billi on October 05, 2015, 10:07:29 AM
...true i know , lead is a limited resource , but for the time being  , its for them /company  the most cost efficient solution , and i am sure they will update their battery technology  with something more sustainable , when available  ( lead acid is close to 100% recyclable  and the company offers a 999 Euro exchange battery after 3200 cycles with 8 kwh  of their 16 kwh battery  )

Some companies want to use the exhibition to showcase the very first viable systems, including Leipzig-based Deutsche Energieversorgung. According to the company, with a storage capacity of eight kilowatt hours, its lead-acid system SENEC.Home is the only one on the market to be viable even without government funding. Company spokeswoman Claudia Mähler explains that the solar installation and battery combination could achieve costs of 20 euro cents per kilowatt hour over a 25-year service life – well below the current price for domestic electricity. She goes on to explain how this price advantage is achieved: Excluding mounting costs, SENEC.Home is available for just around 8,500 euros, a replacement battery costs just 999 euros and, boasting 3,200 full cycles and a minimum life span of 13 years, the system has an above-average service life in comparison to other lead-acid batteries. “We are well positioned in the market. Our system is affordable because we produce large quantities,” says Mähler.

But at the moment  this company  we are talking about " SENEC.Home"  is a/the market leader  , while others are crawling behind (Tesla will be with german Lichtblick some day for a similar idea ) will see

me , just like the idea of linking homestores  to create a bigger one