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Title: We've been here before (chimney flue mounted TEG module 80 watts rated)
Post by: MR GUS on October 16, 2016, 06:08:04 PM

Introductory pricing is $769.00 USD will increase to $849.00USD December 1st, 2016
Pre-orders accepted.
Tentative shipping date will be December 1st or sooner depending on production schedule.

(note there is a pdf for your perusal).

must keep an eye on this.(

Front View Rabbit Ear Standard Unit

Easy installation. Peak 80 watts. Fits on any 6″ pipe

Low water sensor, Auto fan On/off to regulate cold side.

Included: Custom Smart MVPT controller for smart charging 12 or 24V battery system with Inputs and outputs. Low liquid sensor built in Text message option for instant updates and system operation performance.