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Title: Tyvek insulated (reflective) lunchbag
Post by: MR GUS on April 15, 2017, 01:23:45 PM
Wife has been testing one out for past 10 months with great success.

One of those things that infuriates me (parents constantly buying cr@ppy PVC, nylon & sponge foam "insulated" lunchbags which are short lived & deemed general landfill refuse at end of life, its something were avoided on the basis of not training kiddo up to expect a constant through flow of cr*p in her life generally.

Whilst nipper has used a light my fire lunchbox / insulated Bento box for hot packed lunches & a neoprene bag / cover for years now the wife has been testing a tyvek lined lunch bag (it looks like a brown paper bag) complete with good roll closure & magnet, foil lined, light & durable ..if you want some basic protection for sandwiches & such.

Not necessarily cheap but definitely durable, voluminous & less restrictive than a hard case lunch box or "character" foam lined bag, seems to resist getting pongy taint from bananas & fruit peel, folds down flat when finished with if bulk is important.

Bearing in mind what can be printed on the material outer I'm surprised these aren't more popular!.

Hers is a "trad" brown paper bag style, waxy crumpled outer appearance by a brand called the "Tbag" if it sounds your thing.
Happily takes all that is thrown at it, in it, on it, (condensating Sigg bottles etc).

Seeing kids at nippers junior school having 2+ licensed character lunch bags per year that's a lot less "whimsical" shopping & placation of the spoilt wee sh***s"little darlings" in the earl years  :crossed