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Title: Muick Hydro Scheme
Post by: linesrg on November 14, 2018, 07:43:34 AM
Good Morning All,

I went out kayaking with one of the local clubs on Sunday and because levels were up on some of the local rivers we ended up on a small tributary of the Dee, just above Ballater, the River Muick (pronounced 'Mick' apparently). I'm not the best paddler in the world but it was quite a lively fast flowing and rocky bit of water (therein lies a clue).

I was intrigued by the presence of some 'substantial' earthworks to the west side towards its confluence with the Dee itself. I decided to Google it yesterday evening and see that it is a part of 2MW hydro scheme on Prince Charles' Birkhall estate (part of the Balmoral estate in turn).

I don't think it has attracted any great attention in the media I'm aware of?

Good news on the renewable front but not such good news for kayakers................

Whilst reading up on this I see that there is already a circa 400kW hydro on the Balmoral estate (Gelder Burn), amazing what you 'find' when you look.