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Title: US energy storage is taking off
Post by: stannn on December 07, 2018, 08:00:17 PM

Title: Re: US energy storage is taking off
Post by: M on December 08, 2018, 08:13:06 AM
Wow. Loads of great snippets in there:

A Wood Mackenzie report shows U.S. energy storage deployments tripling in capacity during Q3 ’18 versus last year’s volume, while noting that the future pipeline growth rate doubled versus prior quarters to reach 33 GW of future projects.

The U.S. solar power pipeline is already popping, now the batteries needed to get us to 80% with wind+solar are starting to get down to the mad and exponential growth we’re told to expect.

This pipeline does not include behind the meter deployments, and as noted in this report these represented approximately 60% of the volume this quarter. Future growth is expected to heavily expand on the utility scale.

For instance, PG&E recently approved four energy storage projects totalling 567 MW / 2.64 GWh. These include a 300 MW / 1200 MWh system by Vistra Energy, and a 182.5 MW / 1,095  MWh six hour system by Tesla, which are the largest battery projects seen by pv magazine USA staff in the United States to date.

But demand outstripping supply comes with some problems:

Concurrent with this rapid growth we are starting to see stresses in the market. For instance, Tesla stated that it had turned off energy storage lines in favor of car battery lines – and then followed up with price increases on its energy storage products.

Don't I know it, I've been watching the PWII hoping for a price cut, and instead it went up. Oh well, still all looking good for 5yrs - EV and large(sh) domestic batt.