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Title: Breakers/fuses
Post by: dodgy rog on March 25, 2008, 07:40:22 PM
hello all, im getting to the point where i have decided to configure my system like this :24V battery bank : 8 pvs 75w configured 4 groups of 2 to give 96v (someone correct me on this please) saving on cable costs run through the outback 60A :with a 24/40/1600 charger/inverter: gonna run all lighting on DC 24V lowenergy bulbs 12v laptop with 24 to 12 stepdown thingy and audio and tvsat system also 24v; will run a few 220vac sockets in house for the inevitable unplannedfor,
hope to add a windturbine say 500w bye next winter

i have worked out my needs to be 91ah at 24v P/D

so my question is now i am thinking of types of fuses breakers good prices suppliers, ideas, kid friendly DC sockets, light switches
and as always i love to keep things simple!

any advice greatfully received rog ;javascript:void(0);

Title: Re: Breakers/fuses
Post by: billi on March 25, 2008, 11:13:59 PM

donot get me wrong ...... i just have to question it again

i had to have a big pv chargecontroller  because of the 1600 watt  PV and the MPPT MX60 was just ideal for my panels   ( there are others half the price doing their job as well but not at my required Power so i would had to get two )

you donot need an inverter if you stay at dc  ( but like you say you have to use a ac generator to charge the battery as well so a combi unit makes sense if you think you use ac in the house as well)

i just wanted to say both the solar charge controller and the combi inverter  are good choices , but costs in the end are perhaps double ( for the investment) then if you go just for a dump load pv controller ( or a lower A rated mppt controller) and a single charger to use your ac generator

but having a bigger charge controler you can ad on another string of pv later in live..

i just had to say this .....

because i am more or totaly ac in the house  ( i donot want to change your idea of dc , but how do you calculate your benefits of being dc and ac in the house ?)

all the best billi

Title: Re: Breakers/fuses
Post by: dodgy rog on March 26, 2008, 06:35:04 PM

to have the ability to ad more pv later was in mind when i look at the MX60 also i must admit i like the sound of getting the optimum efficiency from my array,and as you have said being flexible with array sitting,  I have to ground mount it here as my roof pitch and orientation is not suitable. so I am pretty shure i am going down this route of pv controller.

as far as the inv/charger  idea goes.......still not shure, thanks for playing devils advocate.
Perhaps some others in the Know could clarify a little the pros n cons of AC or DC in the house i am searching for the correct math to calculate inverter losses and  the difference between ac WH/PD demand and dc WH/PD.

i have already tried to calculate this and it seamed to be that i would have to generate and store nearly half as much power again to run all on AC with an inverter?

also i have two 24v 250ah forklift battery's if i wire them in series it gives 48v and how many ah, if i ran everything on AC with inverter this would help to reduce inv losses wouldn't it?