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Title: Washing machine filters
Post by: Nickel2 on April 09, 2019, 12:51:21 PM
My machine was 15 years old, working but noisy and inefficient.
My mate moved into a flat with an existing machine, so his 2 year old Zanussi ZWN 6120L was offered for nothing as 'not really that good, but newer than yours'.
First thing is to remove the door seal and scrub it in a sink of hot water. (Gunge/slime removal, yeuch!!), then screw it all back together.
There was a rustling noise when the drum was rotated, so peered through the holes with a torch, to see chalk  ???.
Remove craptrap at the front, it was solid, raked it out. Stuck a finger up the hose from the craptrap, also solid. Remove hose back to the tub, also solid.
Remove heater element, solid. :o :o
Altogether I must have removed about 4 pints of stones/gravel etc, then after 3 rinse-cycles and 2 soda hot-washes it now runs clear and clean.  ;D ;D ;D
Moral to story is; remember to check the pump trap at the front of the machine on a regular basis, especially if you have an 18 year old son (labourer) who does his bit by doing his own washing, but doesn't rinse the screed off his work-clothes before stuffing them in the machine facepalm.
(Go into the kitchen and check yours ;) )
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