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Title: Has anyone installed a load Unit/Heat Charger etc
Post by: tinsoldier on May 27, 2019, 10:16:53 AM
So I've managed to acquire an LK 810 Thermomat Load Unit from Ebay, unused for 60

My previous reading of all of these units, (ESBe, Laddomat and thermomat) is that the need to be installed horizontal/ very slightly up from the Wood burning stove, and close by
My question is, do they really have to be level to work? I mean really.

If I install level/horizontal to the wood burner, it would have to be situated behind a tiled wall, along with flue stat and associated gubbins

If I could install it roughly 1m above the wood burner, I could install it in the fake chimney breast, which I could easily access by removing the closure plate (there's loads of room to get to it.
The Wood burner is twin wall pipe all the way

If I could install it 5m above woodburner then I could install it in the lof t and have completely free access to it.

I know I should probably follow instructions but I look at the pumps attached to my thermal store, the UFH pump is 1m above the outlet as is the central heating pump for old part of the house.