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Title: EVT electric scooter
Post by: fourfootfarm on June 04, 2019, 09:24:47 PM
I bought this funny little trike scooter years ago and never really did anything with it.

Finally got a round to fixing it up, I think the fiberglass rear mud guards have been pilfered to go on a trailer somewhere but I don't think it will ever see use on the road again anyway.

Inside it has a totally not standard and vastly over spec Curtis controller. Which is super handy.

I've rewired it so the motors are in series rather than parallel. It accelerates like the blazes up to a top speed of 15mph which is completely adequate for bumpy fields and farm tracks.

Next step is to find some decent batteries for it. Originally came with dead lead cubes which I'm not keen on replacing. On the look out for some suitable lifepo4.  I'm running it off a 5ah LIPO pack from an RC car at the moment which provides plenty of amps but not for very long. Current range about 30 minutes!

On the look out for some more offroad orientated tyres and maybe a tiny tiny trailer for it as well.