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Title: A car-free day for London.
Post by: stannn on June 20, 2019, 09:10:29 AM

Title: Re: A car-free day for London.
Post by: MR GUS on June 20, 2019, 12:11:19 PM
A prime opportunity for an E.V. showcase missed,  folk want personal transport of the motorised variety, why are pure e.v. not exempt from this day?

I anticipate a heck of a lot of "illegal" electric scooters & electric skateboards on the streets that day, ..blind eye not to rock the boat by police / councils?

(NB I actually like electric skateboards etc but its worth asking).

Are there any "guildford" type ticketing areas in london where you pay to park your car on the street these days? ..where are the cars all meant to go? not driving a car will still mean congested but "parked up" streets.

"Kind of" looking forward to Cambridges umming & erring as to becoming a charge / ULEV zone (has favourable public for now) but the chargers are few & far between, with a couple of hours being the limit for the 4 x 7 kWh posts i  the St Annes Terrace  (backside of Parkers Piece) ..the rest are in far pricier  central car parks that cost far more per hour & don't mean a 10 - 20 minute trudge further into town, not ideal for the infirm & elderly.

Out to make a name for himself "mayor" (Tory) wants to put an underground tube in place with lots of private & public money...following on from the not very good (but since does that matter) guided busway (diesel buses) & the route into cambridge  advertised as calming countryside instead of semi stationary motorway has been sold to produce more housing stock, ...been a while since I aw any barn owls round there.