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Title: PV prices in Aus
Post by: brackwell on July 02, 2019, 10:03:21 AM
Look at both the prices and their reduction from the comments of a PV article in AUS.  Remember $2= £1 approx.

 Greg Hudson July 2, 2019

Good point. As a recipient of the $2225 subsidy already, I had to supply my Tax File Number and last return before I could get the refund cheque. At least that (cheque) process has gone, and the retailer can now process the whole shebang. Much more efficient. I used Space Solar, and they were extremely good. This is the 3rd home Iíve lived in that I have installed solar on.
2003 1.5kW $7500
2009 2.0kw $5500 (much better panels)
2018 6.4kw $5275 less $2225 subsidy = $3050 installed.

And then in Aus they will produce twice as much as the UK + they have have higher leccy prices.  They must be brain dead to not just plaster the whole of Aus with PV and use excess to produce Ammonia for export.