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Title: Australia and Hydrogen
Post by: brackwell on September 24, 2019, 08:30:53 AM
This is really beginning to run in Aus.

1 in 3 homes have roof solar in S. Aus

According to Siemens, PEM Electrolysers have a very fast start-up time and can quickly absorb excess renewable energy from a power system, converting water into hydrogen and oxygen.

“These utility scale electrolysers can, with surgical precision, be energized and de-energized in less than 10 seconds, capturing excess energy from the grid when energised,” Siemens said.

I question whether Leeds hydrogen gas scheme is using the correct method using gas instead of RE.  RE using electrolysers augmented by natural gas as on the occurence of "beast from the East" sounds better to me.  Once again the financial people will be caught out again using costs etc from say 3 yrs ago to something built 3yrs from now when everything will cost 50% , a bit like Hinkley nuclear again ?  and of course using gas is stiil FF dirty.