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Title: VAT 5% House renovation
Post by: rogthedodge on November 07, 2019, 08:38:25 PM
Evening all,

I've read this thread

It would appear I've missed the boat as I was not aware of this when engaging my main builder - (he's a good friend who is doing us a very fair deal and we're very happy with his work)

As an example of the VAT issue. I have eczema and react very badly to Rockwool fibres / dust etc, so I decided to go down the sheeps wool insulation avenue and started contacting some suppliers. Every one has said "we must charge 20%", despite the fact that I can prove that our project meets the reduced rate VAT qualifying criteria - that is the house lay empty for 2+ years prior to works starting. (previous owner died Jan 2017, we got the keys Sept 2018, planning granted May 2019).

Does anyone have any advice / experience ref a) getting retrospective VAT credit and/or convincing suppliers that our project qualifies?


Title: Re: VAT 5% House renovation
Post by: Countrypaul on November 07, 2019, 11:35:43 PM
When we renovated our house which hd been empty for moe than 3 yrs, I stipulated on any order that we qualified for 5% vat, included a VAT certificate and copy of the council letter fro the empty properties officer to confrm things. I had no problems with any contractor not charging the 5% rate. Even now one contractor has still to finish and his invoices are still 5% rated as he started before we moved in. Obviously anything I bought was standard rate. It is unfortuantely quite clear on HMRC site that you cannot reclaim any VAT, and that the invoices have to be at the 5% rate.