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Title: Tesla Model 3 range uplift
Post by: dan_b on October 17, 2020, 03:16:05 PM
Seems like Tesla has pretty much done a model refresh with the Model 3.  Facelifted interior, chrome highlights replaced with black on the exterior, power liftgate for the "trunk", new wheels, but more important than all of that, a pretty hefty increase in range, which has come from switching the HVAC to the heatpump system from the Model Y.

The Long Range Dual Motor has had its official range lifted by 30 miles to 353 miles on the EPA cycle.

Rumours of other changes like acoustic glass and improved efficiency via software enhancements are also knocking about but not sure if that's official.

They've also cut the price.

Just when the other car manufacturers are starting to get their act together, Tesla raises the bar...

Title: Re: Tesla Model 3 range uplift
Post by: JohnS on October 17, 2020, 10:54:38 PM
Has the UK price been cut.
I know that Bjorn Nyland has reported that the Norwegian price has been cut by c. EUR 3,000 but comments on his YouTube channel suggested that was Norway only and not elsewhere in Europe.

Title: Re: Tesla Model 3 range uplift
Post by: M on October 18, 2020, 07:50:39 AM
I think it's only Norway at the moment, but price cuts are a Tesla thing as they reduce costs. I suspect it's Elon's competitive nature as Norway is quite a mature Tesla market, and the E-tron is beating it lately (till the TMY arrives).

Title: Re: Tesla Model 3 range uplift
Post by: MR GUS on October 24, 2020, 03:05:37 PM
We really liked the framing the chrome gave, anyone know what the replacement (in black) is? how it has been treated or owt?

Keen to know what difference the new aero wheels give back to battery potential.

& why has the warranty on the second hand vehicles been pulverised to a year? (and what does it affect, I don't know as I wasn't aware of how far the old warranty went).

The increased performance is very welcome, as would a price cut.

Title: Re: Tesla Model 3 range uplift
Post by: MR GUS on November 10, 2020, 09:53:43 AM
Anyone care to speculate what the heat pump on a 3 with the recently made smaller frunk would add to range? I guess this is in house product rather than off the shelf? ..wondering what the wet finger in the air COP rating will be stamped at.

Also curious as to speculation for 2021 vins (March) as to if concensus will be that the new denser battery will be in place (factory changes speculate it has started modifying the line a wee while ago for implementation).

Better battery energy returns is why we don't wish to haul 2 motors  (that just reminds me of the added weight of a hybrid in base terms) ..yeah its exciting the possibility of shaving a gnats nuts off the 0-60 launch times, but really it's just piling cream on an already rich cake.

The battery weighs 1054 lbs currently, the poor mans reluctance motor (less material) saves  around  551lbs / 250kg ..that's a fat dollop of a bloke that we cannot justify in terms of a car likely carrying one person most of the time & I "guess" makes a big difference to hitting the build energy neutrality mark?

Title: Re: Tesla Model 3 range uplift
Post by: dan_b on November 10, 2020, 11:32:55 AM
Standard Range Plus, RWD, with the 62kWh battery is listed at 1645kg.
The Long Range RWD which was only available for a short time was listed as being 1730kg.
The Long Range Dual Motor, which is now the only version of the 3 with the 75kWh battery you can get for now, is listed at being 1847kg.

The heatpump that Tesla has was developed is in house yes. It is fully integrated into the battery, motor and inverter cooling/heating loops and also includes liquid cooling of the air-conditioning condense - hence the much vaunted "Octovalve". 

It's difficult to parse exactly what contributes to what with Tesla's efficiency gains as they do seem to have deployed the heat pump in the 3 at the same time as seemingly improving the battery chemistry again, but 10% improvement seems to be what is being reported.

This is an interesting geek-level read.

Title: Re: Tesla Model 3 range uplift
Post by: MR GUS on November 10, 2020, 02:34:37 PM

That is extensive! ...& potentially excellent news for range stretching / battery longevity.
If we were to speculate on ongoing efficiency tweaks creating an uplift in battery efficiency by 10 per cent this could mean a base model 3 range "could" jump closer *from 267 estimated miles in the pot to 297 miles*, I imagine it is an easy 300 mile marker point he's going for with the base model, with an easy lead via new battery chemistry making the jump across the line from the added battery density.

Only one thing, I am now troubled as to imminent **not a press department** release of news for a Tesla home ASHP announcement.  banghead:

Title: Re: Tesla Model 3 range uplift
Post by: dan_b on November 10, 2020, 11:25:13 PM
Seems that the range increase is also due to an overall increase in battery capacity with improved chemistry- says itís now 82kWh up from 75kWh.

Title: Re: Tesla Model 3 range uplift
Post by: MR GUS on November 11, 2020, 06:55:50 AM
Those are the tweaks i'm on about, I'm glad we held off delivery until the new stock was properly confirmed, the most important factor for us though was the heat pump, shame the new chem doesn't make it closer to 10% on the base model but hey, extra is extra.

We did find the 3 far more noisy than the leaf on Cambridge centre roads, so are really hoping for the silence the leaf brought with the extra lamination of the window glass.
In terms of range, well, if Tesco & the likes were as good as french supermarket cafe restaurants then there would be zero grumbles as to a long battery stop, it is that simple, we feel annoyed when there is no reason to stop & try something familiar / new.

In fact i'd like to see a study of folks attitudes on just this when there is a dearth of goodness on offer, compared to at best a greggs motorway coffee or a ginsters & a long wait in your car, it will be vastly different perception of time.

Starbucks, costa etc can go to hell (make an exception for Timmy Horton's)