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Title: WRB09 Instructions and layout
Post by: PCfix on October 12, 2006, 07:53:57 AM
Having recently installed the WRB09. The instructions are not clear as to the layout and now appear to have errors, the diagram shows both external pipe inlets to this unit as the bottom pipes with both outlets as the top two pipes.
Having asked Navitron to confirm pipe connections before starting work, because this was not clear, this was received complete with picture which confirmed them as per the diagram and the installation was completed on that basis.
However failed first test, due to the fact that the internal water pump is pumping in the wrong direction and the water flow switches did not activate and further act as non return valves if mounted the wrong way with regard to flow direction from the internal pump, that is, if mounted as per the directions and diagrams given by Navitron.
The internally mounted heated water circulation pump is hidden under the expansion tank in this unit, so it is difficult to establish which direction it is mounted with regard to flow, however with a mirror and torch I established the flow indication arrow on the underside of the pump is pointing inward towards the WRB09. The top external pipe is connected directly to this water pump which with regard to flow direction, makes this top external pipe the INPUT or return and the bottom pipe the Heated OUTPUT.  Opposite to that given in the diagram and confirmed in diagram by Navitron.
Therefore the Internal flow Pump, is either mounted the wrong way round, when installed by the manufacturer? or the diagram and Navitron pipe layout instructions are wrong,  yet to be confirmed by Navitron?
The User instruction are obviously translated from another language. They are more about how the unit works and very little with regard to how it should set up or how to use this unit, further complicated by poor translation.  For example
"When terminal linkage action is allowed, the linkage action will be effective after press ON of the cable controlled operating panel. If the machine is switched off, it will be useless."
Unquote and so on....

Ralph Wilmot

Title: Re: WRB09 Instructions and layout
Post by: blue on October 12, 2006, 11:46:25 PM
hi Ralph,

I have recently bought a WRB09 and, upon receipt, asked navitron for confirmation of the pipes layout for a differen but specifc reason. The reply was a sketch that shows the top two pipes as outlets and the bottom two pipes as inlets. left side as ground loop and right side as heated loop. Seems that this might be incorrect. Would you let me know the navitron confirmation ? ( ie flow pump mounting or instructions ) Feel free to contact me by email and I will send you back the sketch that I have.


Title: Re: WRB09 Instructions and layout
Post by: PCfix on October 19, 2006, 06:30:54 AM
Latest info is that the pipes connections are the wrong way round with respect to original diagram.
Both top pipes are inlets and both bottom pipes are outlets.