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 on: Today at 12:27:27 AM 
Started by dan_b - Last post by phoooby
R & D cost for the semi must be fairly low. They are using a motor that they have developed for a car but using x4 of them. All they need is a reduction gearbox to suite which will presumably be a 16:1 rather then 8:1 or whatever. The rest is really similar territory to a normal semi which isnt rocket science. Add a sleek wind tunnel tested cab design and suitable housing for a large battery which Tesla are fairly familiar with and jobs a good'un.  Autopilot already been developed so just fitting cameras which are already developed, cab design in simple as acres of space to place screens etc.

The only question is cell cost for a 800kWh to 1mWh pack size but I suspect they know what their talking about there as well. I hope this is an early 2019 delivery and a big seller for them so it makes it to other markets outside the US.

 on: Today at 12:23:51 AM 
Started by RIT - Last post by RIT
The key thing that I heard during the review was that Nissan expects to have a real world 300+ mile car at some point in 2019. For me that is the target value I have been looking for as it would handle 99.8% of my needs (after 5 years of use and during a very cold night I would like a real range of 200+ miles) - for the last .2% I can just hire a car.

It's a great review as Jonny ends up in a Japanese spec car which starts talking at him :0


 on: December 16, 2017, 10:26:06 PM 
Started by mbuckhurst - Last post by oliver90owner
As long as you retain your evidence of attempting to contact the repairer, one could rate them on a scale of zero to ten for communication!  Epay feedback sort of thing.  But something to take into account is illness or some other extenuating circumstances, before doing this.

It might save someone else from a similar problem...


 on: December 16, 2017, 09:38:21 PM 
Started by guydewdney - Last post by guydewdney
Iíve looked up a quote for electric radiators we had done, and there were 30kw worth. We kept 5 of those of various sizes. Rest we used wet system. Plus existing of 22kw. Plus 10% losses? 30-5?=25    25+22+10%= 52kw or so. Itís running at 64kw iirc. I can get it modulated down to about 42 or 44kw minimum, below the published stats.

So at mid fifties, plus the dhw which is unknown as a load, doesnít seem toooooo far off?

Weirdly, if I run just dhw only, it behaves. As in the temp gets up to top temp, 75c. Plus no short cycling. Which implies that the issue isnít in the boiler room but in the house iyswim

 on: December 16, 2017, 08:13:52 PM 
Started by mbuckhurst - Last post by offthegridandy
Mike sorry to hear your woes.  Seems youve 2 issues, sorting out the system and dealing with the "rogue".

AndrewE sounds like he might be of help and if you sort the system out your self you'll not be reliant on an expert next time.

Re dealing ith the rogue.  Which the comsumer guide gives advice and letters on dealing with fauly goods and services.

Link here may be of help.  From life experience, I've decided that there are some battles not worth fighting and other targets that I'll give full attention to. If the bloke has done a runner you may have to cut your losses.  Is he trading as an individual or as a Ltd company.

If you paid by card you can get the card issuer to refund a charge back.

Good luck.


 on: December 16, 2017, 07:34:01 PM 
Started by dan_b - Last post by pdf27
Yes, I agree, that's the reason. But if a project like the dream (almost forty year old dream to date if you include JET & ITER) to build a commercial fusion reactor can get funding, why can't there be a similarly funded project to build a commercial Thorium reactor which would be achievable in a far shorter time frame?
There is at least some government money going into Molten Salt Reactors, which have most of the waste management advantages of Thorium reactors but use Uranium fuel.

 on: December 16, 2017, 07:12:08 PM 
Started by mbuckhurst - Last post by AndrewE
If they don't want to respond then they may have changed the business name too (abandoning all liabilities) and done a runner...  And threatening to sue the non-existent firm for the costs of a repair depends on finding someone you trust to do it in the first place...  Time to roll your sleeves up and take ownership!

Luckily it's "only" plumbing,  pumps (and fittings) are relatively cheap, you will probably want to replace the antifreeze/corrosion inhibitor your man won't have bothered with, and what it probably needs anyway is thinking about carefully, then proceding cautiously.

I installed my own Navitron kit in S Cheshire, so I'm not very far away.

 on: December 16, 2017, 06:53:02 PM 
Started by dan_b - Last post by Westie
I'm not against nukes. Putting all our eggs in the RE basket is risky. Imagine the result of a sustained period of reduced insolation.... that reduction in the Earths heat engine input would lead to a reduction in wind power too.  Its happened before and it will happen again!  

The negative in this is the reactor design - why are we still building inherently unsafe reactors?

Because there's insufficient financial incentive to do anything else. Look what happened at Fukushima: in the hours after the tsunami hit, the operator Tepco delayed and delayed using seawater on the reactors as emergency cooling, because that would end the lives of those reactors, guaranteeing their financial loss on their reactors. And they weren't going to have to pay for 100% of the cleanup when things got worse: they knew the government was going to bail them out.

As long as governments underwrite nuclear, there will always be insufficient incentive for them to clean up their act: just like many other markets, after many decades of being a subsidy junky, nuclear now can't exist any other way.

Yes, I agree, that's the reason. But if a project like the dream (almost forty year old dream to date if you include JET & ITER) to build a commercial fusion reactor can get funding, why can't there be a similarly funded project to build a commercial Thorium reactor which would be achievable in a far shorter time frame?

 on: December 16, 2017, 06:35:11 PM 
Started by Sharkbait - Last post by Westie
Nifty genuflect

I,m just using the same idea to build an movement sensor to ring the doorbell when anyone walks down our driveway....


 on: December 16, 2017, 06:07:53 PM 
Started by Sharkbait - Last post by Greenbeast
love it!

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