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 on: Today at 09:18:12 AM 
Started by Scruff - Last post by Nickel2
Scruff, I can see that you just don't like Musk, but the comparison of Musk to Tesla still rings true in the context that I quoted.
Some people have footballers as heroes, I don't.
I have two heroes in my life, Nikola Tesla and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. I have over the years researched not only the work of these two, but the characters and their histories.
I don't know if you read many books, but these are worthwhile additions to your home library and worth reading and re-reading many times:

"Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Engineering Knight-errant" ISBN: 0719546362
"The Intemperate Engineer: Isambard Kingdom Brunel in His Own Words" ISBN 10: 0711032807
"My Inventions and Other Writings" ISBN 10: 0486807215
"In Search of Nikola Tesla" ISBN 10: 0906798256

I shan't argue my point any further, just urge you to read a little more.  Wink

 on: Today at 08:39:05 AM 
Started by stannn - Last post by brackwell
Depends how one defines 100% renewables.  Most people probably think that means 100% for every second of the year but that is not even achieved by off gridders.

The Gov considers it to be net 100% for the yr fully accepting spillage and shortages covered by FF.

One is possible the other would probably not be financially possible or practical.

To get a better feel for the subject see

 on: Today at 08:19:41 AM 
Started by dan_b - Last post by brackwell
That fuel cost saving is per week perhaps

They definitely do more than 20K miles /yr and often nearer 30K in the S.E.

Then you have to factor in lower maintenance and wear % tear.

Perhaps maths was not perhaps this taxi drivers forty.


 on: Today at 08:09:00 AM 
Started by Scruff - Last post by M
For instance;
"Reusable" rockets that are glorified scrap metal.
A house battery that does not work in a powercut and who's net return of investment is nil.
Solar slates that have no electrical connection conductor solution.

In ten years, a company that has captured about 50% of the commercial space launch market, and in some cases the savings on the launch price are greater than the cost of the satellite itself.

The Powerwall batts do work during powercuts, in fact I believe most domestic plug'n'play offerings also have a power out socket, so essential items can be plugged in, perhaps extension leads with lights, phone and computer charging for keeping updated on the power issue. I may be wrong about this, but I also think that Tesla are trying to get the export element down to zero, which if guaranteed, could mean that the PV system would still be allowed to operate, if the relevant bodies are satisfied.

The roof slates are already being installed, and for those fussy about appearance will most likely expand the PV rooftop market and/or the building of new properties with PV.

And don't forget a 10yr old car company (only 6yrs since building a saloon car) that now supplies approx 90% of the US BEV market, and whose truck, if it only does what it says on the tin, will decimate the diesel market by paying for its additional cost in just 2yrs of fuel and maintenance savings (at US fuel prices).

Is Musk or Tesla perfect, of course not, but the constant negativity on this forum makes it an ever harder read, and perhaps is the cause of the minimal daily postings now. Change can be good, we don't want to simply exchange one rut for another, instead we should embrace constant forward progress, even if that makes for a bumpy road.

If anyone should appreciate the shaking up of markets, and the development/promotion of 'good stuff' (EV's, RE and even cheap space launches and recycling), then I'd have thought that would be folk who were early adopters of RE and have concerns over energy production, consumption and waste. Elon & Tesla no longer even need to survive (business wise), since they've proved what can be done, so have let the genie out of the bottle and shown what is possible.

 on: Today at 07:43:24 AM 
Started by Ivan - Last post by kristen
better use needs to be made of excess renewable energy by way of storage and get on with reducing the 'dependence' on fossil fuelled power sources. Very much a chicken and egg situation.

I don't mind the 100M p.a. payment (but it sucks of course ...) provided it is part of some other pump-priming [sorry!] on the road to that endpoint.

Is there some construction / incentivising going on for storage that sees an endpoint to the curtailment of wind?

 on: Today at 02:28:45 AM 
Started by Scruff - Last post by Scruff


 on: Today at 02:20:40 AM 
Started by Scruff - Last post by Scruff
N2 ironically I am quite surprised you compared Musk to Tesla.

Nikola Tesla made inventions that changed the world. Invented them. Started with a theory and realised it. Again and again and again. He was a genius not a professional spoofer.

Elon Musk is credited with applying existing technology to contemporary applications & giving them enough spin to sell.

The sole most prominent reason for his "success" is the willingness of the masses to rather believe the lie than seek the truth.

For instance;
"Reusable" rockets that are glorified scrap metal.
A house battery that does not work in a powercut and who's net return of investment is nil.
Solar slates that have no electrical connection conductor solution.

His unkept promises are more frequent than those he's delivered and yet people say "Oh but they were very big promises...that'll take a long time..."

Meanwhile...true science...

Sure he has influenced the world...what does that say about him and the world?...

 on: September 22, 2018, 09:08:16 PM 
Started by Scruff - Last post by Nickel2
I saw that article when it came out.
Like I said above, Musk is prone to behavioural traits that are often not acceptable to polite society. Some things he says are just plain rude or wrong and unpleasant, but that does not change the man's ability to be a founding driving force of technological development.
It is worth remembering that Tesla cars is not just Musk, it is a board of directors with him as the figure head. (until they sack him). The man did not design Tesla cars or build them; denigrating the product because the because the leader is a bit of a loose cannon is irrational.

 on: September 22, 2018, 06:01:44 PM 
Started by biff - Last post by biff

    What a weird day,
                           No rain,,gentle breezes and loadsa sunshine. Our new street is like a giant apple tart just before it goes into the oven but no apples in it,,just dough,,
The whacker plate would have been lost on it because it was too deep in places and the stuff was wet with a hydraulic action that would only waste the whacker plate. The wide smooth tires on the forklift were OK but again, on the deep end it just left tracks. I know it will set like concrete in a few days, so hopefully it will stick with the forecast and stay dry. The ramp is over 300mm deep in places so there is no way that I could whack this and concrete it. I have decided to fill the screeds to the top and roll it with the forklift. It will not be perfect but by next year it will be well compacted , I will be able to skim the top if needed and concrete it then.
   It was a lovely cold day,,good for shoveling and wheelbarrow work.

 on: September 22, 2018, 05:28:25 PM 
Started by Ivan - Last post by linesrg
Good Evening All,

The article is two years old and whilst still very relevant ignores the fact that better use needs to be made of excess renewable energy by way of storage and get on with reducing the 'dependence' on fossil fuelled power sources. Very much a chicken and egg situation.



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