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 on: Today at 02:57:42 PM 
Started by Fintray - Last post by Fintray
I was just stating the angle as it is not the best for this time of year but will be better when the sun is higher. In reality PVGIS doesn't show a massive difference in generation over the year with my angle compared to the optimum angle.

 on: Today at 01:43:29 PM 
Started by Moxi - Last post by knighty
for heating you could add an inline heater to your current system - pretty much just an immersion heater in a bit of big pipe, with a little pipe at each end (one for in one for out)

power it via diversion load to put solar power into it

is there a decent spot out outside up against the house you could add a tank with lots of insulation?

 on: Today at 12:27:13 PM 
Started by Fintray - Last post by pantsmachine
Hi Fintray, does that make a large difference? I have another roff secton which is at around 10 degs and I am considering moving half the array to it. Any advice much appreciated.  Well done on your 1st Mw from this section.

 on: Today at 10:59:53 AM 
Started by Moxi - Last post by biff
      My apologies. I should have posted my solution to your heating problem, If you have a peep at my last post on the thread, ( A FOUL WIND A BLOWING) you will see read a possible solution to your heating
 query in my address to Tod. It does of course of course involve batts and a thermal store + a Pump on the opposite Push/Pull of the existing C/H pump. It has been working here exceedingly well for a past few years..
  It,s worth considering if you wanted a little protection against outage as well.

 on: Today at 10:43:22 AM 
Started by biff - Last post by biff
  Paul, PV is already racing ahead here,
   It is still early and well before noon, The circulating pump that takes the hot from the top of our DHWT and swaps it for the cold in the bottom solar coil has been running now for a good 20 mins. So today might be the first day that our rads will get warm to touch. Today I will also check the fluid level in the small expansion tank above the thermal store in the hall..A once a year thing.
             My small 48v x  PV only shed install is already powering my tools continuously. Right up to 5pm.
  Tod, Have you got PV organised in your new place yet,? The Panels are a hell of a lot cheaper now and from now on you could heat your water free and have a standby generator station in event of outage.
  One independent of the mains power. There is a surprising amount of poke in 4 x 165watt panels into a small 48v x 200ah bank.  (8x100ah batts.) keep the batts at 56volts and dump the rest into your DHWT. The batts do not have to be new. X UPSs x SLAs ,sitting at 12.7v of the shelf  would be ideal.
  You could remove a redundant Rad and replace it with a thermal store, with the C/H water/fluid going through the coil in the T/S. The thermal store could be filled with anti-freeze mix in the water and a small Header tanks to top it up automatically by syphonic action. Then a C/H pump to send the lovely hot water out of the internal coil and round your rads. genuflect. The T/H store fluid never leave the T/S, hence the antifreeze...Oh Boy,,Get out the tape..

 on: Today at 09:50:32 AM 
Started by linesrg - Last post by linesrg
Good Morning All,

So I'm minding my own business in the flat in Aberdeen when the mobile rings, 0344 number so I don't answer. Phone pings and there is a Voicemail message from the Parcelforce depot in Aberdeen.

Apparently Royal Mail had passed my package back to Parcelforce and they were going to put it on a wagon out to the house today (interesting I thought as Saturday delivery is 7.50 extra and I hadn't paid it) and was given the local depot tel. no. to call back.  I did only I didn't get through to Aberdeen and whichever location it was promised to deliver a message to the Aberdeen branch advising that I would come and collect it.

I have just come back from collecting the parcel which was clearly at the depot last night when I tried up to collect it..............

Still the sun is shining so there is one positive, as to whether my son't team will win at the rugby later is another matter.



 on: Today at 08:16:52 AM 
Started by Fintray - Last post by Fintray

Mine is due south'ish but has a low angle, only about 10 degrees or so.

 on: Today at 06:07:35 AM 
Started by biff - Last post by todthedog
Good to you home safe and sound Grin

 on: March 22, 2019, 10:40:43 PM 
Started by Fintray - Last post by phoooby
I have 10.2 kw installed 117 days ago and am just up to 773kWh but mine is not ideal orientation due to aesthetics. Is your close to due south ?

 on: March 22, 2019, 10:02:13 PM 
Started by biff - Last post by camillitech
    More strong wind,
                     I would say a good force 8. piping hot tanks and house toasty roasty. I was trying to work in the shed but the noises outside were a distraction until I turned my hearing aid down. I have a snazzy Pilot1 remote for my hearing aids as well Grin.. The wind is supposed to ease of this evening after 6 so anytime now. Huh.
      I am experimenting with 40 x 40mm x 3mmwall angle iron, and 5mm rivets in building a generator frame. Rather than use bolts I just pop the rivets and check the square before the next one. So far so good and pics when I get time..
   Many moons ago, I watched my old man work with a riveting kit. Not the pop riveter but a rivet with a 10mm flat head. After he would drill the hole, the would push the rivet in and then put a hollow tube with a pin sticking out of it, over the end of the rivet, With one hand he held the head of a lump hammer against the head of the rivet. Then he whacked the pin down into the tube.  The belt from the hammer would send the pin down the tube and inside the rivet as the Tube expanded to take the extra width. The cabs on the Seddons were alloy sheets moulded around oak struts. It was surprisingly strong until you came to the part where it met the chassis. Back then Seddon were an independent Truck builder with a decent reputation. In the end the old man gave up on the rivet kit and then one day around 66 he came back from a fair in the North with 2 little blue pop riveters and a pile of Rivets. We were sticking rivets in all the pota and pans that had been hidden away in the Never again Cupboard.
  My old Mam was,nt half vexed with that and put the pots and pans in the refuse the first time she got a chance. My present riveter is the telescopic type and very powerful,.Good for awkward spots as well.
   will post pic.

Aye Biff, me old dad used to make parts of English Electric Lightnings and even the ill fated TSR2 We riveted a lot of stuff in our house. I still have some of the rivets, though I lost the special punch but I do still have some of the special knurled tools that you poke through the metal sheets to draw them together prior to riveting. Lazy tongs we call them concertina riveting tools ere, great things but not so handy in a confined space hey. Must have been boodly windy here whilst I was away to, the wee Proven averaged 31.35kWh per day whilst I was away. The 4.75kW PV only managed an average of 5.05 per day but pretty soon the PV will be racing ahead.   

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