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 on: September 26, 2020, 10:03:16 AM 
Started by Bugtownboy - Last post by M
Has he just stolen azps' claim/title from 8yrs ago?

The UK is the Saudi Arabia of wind energy

Slightly apples and oranges there though, Saudi output verses UK resources??? compare the output of both?


PS don't have a fit, I love the wind industry but I do hate bullshyte.

Hi Desp, yes I see exactly what you are saying, that in terms of production/exploitation the UK wind industry is not (yet) the 'Saudi Arabia', but I read azps' article as the UK having the resources (or more) of Saudi Arabia, and the potential of the wind here going forward, and I think the scale of deployment and reduction in costs is proving that.

As Nickel2 pionts out, we have the potential for energy security, and could export vast amounts of wind derived leccy to help balance most of Europe, in much the same way that Spain/N. Africa could export sunshine, and Norway could be the batteries of Europe.

So I do think that the UK is 'the Saudi Arabia' of wind (off-shore) in resource terms, and hopefully will become one in production terms too ..... asap.

 on: September 26, 2020, 09:29:24 AM 
Started by Bugtownboy - Last post by Nickel2
All politically biased comments so far.
Has anyone ever considered the 'Saudi Arabia of wind power' expression in terms of energy self-sufficiency?
Once there is sufficient renewable power in the UK, it will be independent of large-scale fuel/energy imports, in the same way that Saudi Arabia is.
The difference is that oil will run out, renewables will not. That is why they are called 'renewables'.
We are stuck with the present incumbent, but piling scorn and ridicule on Boris Johnson is extremely non-productive considering the lack of alternative plans by any other gang of 'leaders'.
To do so is as fatuously facile as criticizing the colour of the bucket used to bail water out of a leaking lifeboat, whilst standing to one side watching with folded arms.

 on: September 26, 2020, 08:55:40 AM 
Started by EcoStatic - Last post by pantsmachine
No intimidation felt  Grin though I do take issue with the RS 232 converter, have you ever found one that actually works  hysteria  hysteria

232 to 485, no worries. You must be dragging a desktop about and using Hyperterminal? (This hasn't went off topic AT ALL).  hysteria

An honest answer would be yes, We used one with Gemini Sonar system from Seatronics, worked well and that was over about 5 years on and off in use. Good wee sonar systems and WAY cheaper than seabats or blue view etc.

Comms ports did my head in as no 'feel' feedback. Loved Windows 7, thought that was as good as they got, then in went unsupported, frustrating.

 on: September 26, 2020, 08:48:48 AM 
Started by EcoStatic - Last post by pantsmachine
Humbling grovelling apologies Pants,

PMSL, No worries. You and the rest of the mods do a smashing job of policing the forums. In saying that SWMBO & I have been watching The Sopranos lately, maybe the style has bled into my online persona.... 'It was you Fredo'.

 on: September 26, 2020, 08:45:27 AM 
Started by Solarchaser - Last post by mikeseaman3000
Hi SolarChaser,

I will interested to how you get on with these.

I am currently exploring my options to removing my existing setup and installing pylontech batteries. Possibly looking at a Victron Quattro 8000 but they are very expensive inverters.
Like i said previously interested on how the dual LuxPower Units do.


 on: September 26, 2020, 08:45:19 AM 
Started by EcoStatic - Last post by biff
Humbling grovelling apologies Pants,

 on: September 26, 2020, 08:40:25 AM 
Started by EcoStatic - Last post by camillitech
No intimidation felt  Grin though I do take issue with the RS 232 converter, have you ever found one that actually works  hysteria  hysteria

 on: September 26, 2020, 08:40:18 AM 
Started by EcoStatic - Last post by daveluck_uk I may of missed the detail and focussed on just what I want to hear....

the couple mentions above from people with NiFe batteries say they were old when I got them and they are still working. ( Did I see 25 years? )

Sounds like if you can live with their characteristics, don't mind the maintenance and operate primarily off grid...they will do you grand.

Not so much for grid tied...

Horses for courses.

 on: September 26, 2020, 08:29:37 AM 
Started by EcoStatic - Last post by pantsmachine
There seemed to be a bit of intimidation in that post Pants
  We need to stay civil and help one another.
 Why would you want to ask Paul who he works for since he has already made it clear.
  So none of that please.
  You are better than that. surrender

Biff, you've got me wrong here. I have sailed on many a cal mac ferry and had friends that worked on them too across the decades. Its one seafarer asking another where he works, ABSOLUTELY no intimidation! Smiley Jings!

Intimidation would be if I asked you if you were looking at my pint in a funny way. Smiley Well, are you?..... See the difference?

 on: September 26, 2020, 08:28:11 AM 
Started by EcoStatic - Last post by pantsmachine
just thought of another benefit of Lithium.... it's totally normal/ok to parallel cells/banks up

so you can buy a 48v bank now... and then add more to it as you see fit - or in 10 years when you lose some capacity

being able to "just keep adding to it" is a big bonus over lead

If only this were likely to be true but do you really think that the Pylontech (or whatever) will be compatible with the same model in eighteen months time, let alone five years?

They are. At least 5 years back, could be a lot more. I'd have to dig.

Be the first thing I've come across that is then  Grin they can't even make an app that will work on a phone that's five years old. I work on a hybrid ferry launched in 2013 and every single system on it from the navigation lights to the propulsion units is now either obsolete or not compatible with the latest version. The 216 LiFePO4 batteries being the first thing to succumb at just three years of age with vessel number 3 requiring a complete change from type one of bank to another, none of which are interchangeable or compatible. The overwhelming majority of communication and diagnostic equipment requiring RS232 compatibility to do anything (have you ever seen a laptop with a serial port recently). You truly and honestly believe that your LiFePO4 Pylontech's (or whatever) are going to be any different  Grin really. Sure you can get a WWII NiFe battery or good old FLA to work with anything given a little fettling. Do you honestly think the same can be said about your average BMS or am I just a dinosaur  Grin

I repeat. Smiley Yep, going on the last 5 years and with a general air of confidence.

I bought a second hand battery earlier in the year and it was stamped 2014 build year. Pylontech and other Liwhatever battery manufacturers would be insane to cut off from their entire consumer base by diverging into a place where as you have given as an example there are no comms ports on the batteries. Even on the remote chance that a nutter took over the comapny and headed that way, a bright spark in Shenzen would have  a wifi to rs232 comms box ready for the market before the ink was dry on the Pylontech memorandum.

I've worked at sea for almost 30 years all over the globe and have been 'lucky' to be involved in a few new builds. All of which threw off nothing but problems for the first 2 years of their lives. Ships are truly complex systems and can't really be compared to a wee battery stack and controller. I feel your pain though. I wonder how many of those batteries removed from the vessel could have been repurposed?  Is it Cal Mac you work for?

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