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Author Topic: LV ECO Open source Control project  (Read 1130 times)
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« on: December 16, 2010, 01:37:58 PM »

Hi, I have an idea / design that I wish to expand on and release Open Source.

The whole mechanism of Open Source collaboration of a hardware design that is aimed at small beginnings but can scale to commercial sizes can only benefit from zero IP and a community approach.

I want to start at scratch again with the design with input from others so I am just going to state basic requirements.

It a low voltage network that is slimmed down with the aims of being fit for purpose and cost effective.
The basic design was to resemble a low voltage halogen transformer network so that current skills and regulations can be utilised.

A basic sub net of 64 slave nodes can be controlled from a master device. Due to the isolation from mains feed the SELV power line is active rather than a passive supply. This means we can use much simpler methods of powerline comms and provide a much simpler slave node than home plug and other varieties currently available.
Due to the asynchronous nature of a master / slave network the "download" requirements are very top heavy with a comms protocol in the region of 90/10 of master packets and returned slave packets.
This allows a hybrid communication system where the master is a SMPS which can embed a data carrier into the powerline and this reduces cost as the same circuitry can provide power and comms control.
The slave nodes wait for a zero level where in a method similar to X-10 can return data. This means the slaves can be produced with a very small component count and utilise low end and very cheap micro-controllers.

The only area I am really stuck on is that I need a DSP SMPS guru. The rest I can do but I think it is important to provide a collaborative process to access and look at various requirements that one person might omit.

The system goes as follows :-
A ZigBee (could be homeplug) bridge takes in full TCP/IP. This unit is very similar to an halogen electronic transformer but also has a digital control method. The cost of this unit and complexity is contained and provides value as it can control 64 slaves nodes.
The slave nodes are receivers that can are low cost devices that can provide an interface signal to control LED lighting (PWM) or have analogue inputs for data collection.

The system is aimed at intelligent LED lighting control networks that using common denominator building blocks that can scale. The economies of scale of repeating functionality could provide a hierarchical structure of intelligence for a modern dwelling control system.

If your interested I will kick start the project here and provide a web site with forum and on-line community to save poor old navitrons bandwidth.
There is no ownership on the design and it goes where ever it goes. I know I have over 5 years research to donate but realise that things have moved on and collaboration needs to start at ground zero. Hopefully you will be interested as there is such a wealth of knowledge on here across so many disciplines that I am absolutely sure this would be a success if it gets participation.

Many Thanks

I just despise hedgehogs! can they not learn to share
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