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Author Topic: Your "Signature" - important, please read!  (Read 10751 times)
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« on: January 08, 2012, 10:53:10 PM »

This has been posted in "Announcements" as well by Ivan - please read and act accordingly!

Due to a small but persistent number of individuals abusing the system for personal gain (ie direct advertising or Search Engine Optimisation), Navitron forum admin have taken the decision to place restrictions on what is acceptable in the 'signature'  area of posts. These restrictions also apply to the main body of any text posted and to the actual username itself. Moderators' discretion is the deciding factor, should anyone exploit loopholes of any sort.

1) Links are only allowed in signatures if they are agreed by a Moderator. If you already have a link in your signature, or if you wish to place a link in your signature, you will need to contact one of the moderators within the next 5days (ie by 10pm on Friday 13th January) to register your link. If the website linked is DIY or non-commercial in its nature, then this will be perfectly acceptable.  If the link is to a commercial website, it will be acceptable only if the products/services sold are based on Navitron equipment, or if the product/services are non-competing with Navitron's and agreed by Navitron admin. Installers who offer installation of Navitron equipment will be allowed to post their links if they exclusively offer installation of Navitron equipment. Installers offering Navitron-sourced equipment alongside other non-Navitron-sourced equipment or those who have purchased from Navitron once or twice in the past will not be allowed to post their website links

2)Usernames which are directly related to company names or websites or names which make up phrases advertising a service will not be allowed. eg you cannot choose a username such as 'cheapsolarinstallations' or 'Cheap Solar Ltd' or 'Wessex Solar Installations'. If you already have a username of this nature, please take steps to change it, or if you are unable to do this, contact a member of our moderator team who will be able to help you make these changes.

For most members no change will be necessary, although some may need to register their signature links with Navitron. Failure to register your signature link will result in its removal. Any member reinstating a link which has been removed by admin will be subject to a ban. These measures have been taken to prevent the small minority who abuse the system, and Navitron regrets the inconvenience caused to the majority of forum members.

Please note that although Navitron encourages discussion of all aspects of renewable technology including products which may be provided by competitors, Navitron expects all members to respect the fact that Navitron is a private company which sells renewable energy equipment and services. As such Navitron cannot and will not allow competitors to advertise and gain competitive advantage using this forum which is provided and paid for by Navitron, whether it be through direct means, such as those discussed above or through indirect means such as the posting of bogus messages praising products or installers of our competitors.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Navitron Admin Team

Unpaid volunteer administrator and moderator (not employed by Navitron) - Views expressed are my own - curmudgeonly babyboomer! -
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