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Author Topic: A foul wind a blowin  (Read 263861 times)
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« Reply #1710 on: February 09, 2019, 01:52:43 PM »

Good Afternoon All,

Much more fun experienced at sea at on AHTS boat off the Dunlin platform.................... no prizes for guessing where I am.



1.28kW panels on a Lorentz ETATRACK1000/SB1700, 1.28kW panels/SB1700, 1.28kW panels/SMA SB1700. CTC GSi12 + Ecosol + Flowbox 8010e/Gledhill ASL0085 EHS/3 Navitron 4720AL Solar ET panels & Immersun T1060/T1070/T1090. 3.145kW panels/ SMA SB3000TL-21/ Growatt SP2000 c/w 5kWh battery & a Renault Zoe
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An unpaid Navitron volunteer who lives off-grid.

« Reply #1711 on: February 17, 2019, 11:59:30 AM »

Great wind here for the past week,
                              With a good steady force 5 to 6 constant. We did have a proper storm for a few hours early last Thursday morning that blew over items that required extreme force. Our forecasts which normally have been very good are now gang aft a-gley. The constant wind made it difficult for Freda to collect her usual supply of crumbled Cheddar, There was a lull last Wednesday morning and sometime around 8,30am as Angel and I strode forth in the near calm, I heard the anger in Freda,s shreek and scream.  Angel was annoyed but helpless as well. we could not get a fix on the location but it would not have mattered. I hoped I was wrong. I really did but then Angel took a spite through the porch window at the large black tom sitting out in the street in full view some 15 minutes later. Unusual for Angel , She is accustomed to the Toms visits and occasionally growls low when they really get going knocking strips out of each other. Later on Wednesday, Angel tracked to the inaccessible base of the green store and sat next to it., I led her away and kept her away from there since. The Cats have again invaded our green store but this time they will be getting the short shift.
As for Freda, She survived for almost 9 months. She was brave and bold, foolhardy and took exceptional risks. Her relationship with Angel was based on demonstrating to Angel how clever she was and Angel finally realised that there was just the one Freda and that the Freda who walked across the floor and strode calmly under the Forklift was the same Freda that sat smirking at her from the top of the forklift. Wings are hard to understand..I mean cripes almighty,,If you have wings why walk across the floor ?,,,unless you were involved in some kind of deception,,which of course Freda was. Freda flicking the cheese off the rear of the forklift was no accident and if Angel was not in the shed, Freda ate her cheese without putting any on the floor. Angel was OK with getting cheese from Freda and hence they had a certain understanding. I suspect that it was this understanding that led to her demise.
Our daft blackbirds and other songbirds have been harvested again and only Fatlad remains alone in the shed with me, Sitting silently and not responding the slightest to my voice. He was always very shy and reserved and not coming within 10ft of me. I have no intention of trying to coax him closer, I will leave the grub for him . He eats the fatballs that Freda ignored. He can also manage the fly window as well. So he comes and goes as he pleases. The place is over run with cats. They use our place as a local dance hall, A few years ago, the Government sent in the cat catchers because the cats were getting worse than the mink. We did not see a cat for a long time and then a large gangly black Tom began to visit. One evening as I went into the green store in the dark. I switched on the flashlight and there on the shelf staring straight at me at eye level was this big black Tom, I backed out slowly. He had a gash running from his right ear down across his forehead and down his face,,his left eye socket was full of pus. The bone on his forehead was clearly visible, He stayed there for 3 days and then he was gone. I looked about with the hounds to see if I could find a body, (it would not have been the first one) but some months later there he was striding up the street like he owned the place. This time he has his work cut out. The Ballroom of Romance (the green store)is closing down permanently.
  Robins should never be on a Christmas card. some 80% of their children perish in the first week. Freda would have killed her own if they tried to come near me. She drove them off after 3 days. She at least has the benefit of staying around the house but she drove her own out into the bog where the cats lay in wait. It was not for me to judge or preach democracy , I assumed that there had to be a reason, perhaps to propagate the species..Sadly it does the opposite. She did not last long enough to teach me any kind of understanding. I tried to cultivate a routine which would as near as possible bring some kind of stability to her life but it was not to be. I had 5 different outside feeding spots for her because I suspected that Turning up regularly at the same spot daily was like leaving a fresh meal for a predator and not just a cat. The shed was different, Once the roller door went up the noise would draw her in within minutes even in the windy weather and no cats allowed.
  I believe that the mindsets in Robins are set locally. Whatever genetically inherited faults they have are multiplied with inbreeding. Some 16 years ago, My son and I counted 7 robins being fed outside our mobile home here on the site. A virus killed them all off within 2 months and very few robins actually survived. I suspect that the remaining Robins are the survivors of that lot and that their gene pool is very limited. I am guessing of course. I have no qualification of any kind to make any comment but it don,t take long to see that our Robins can walk better than they can fly. Perhaps this is the way it is supposed to be. Yet it is hard to understand why a mother Robin would burst her heart to feed her young in the nest and even feed the robin next door,s young but then they go off the rails and send their helpless young out into the wild with nothing to eat after 3 days. Even rats have a social structure to equal the human one. Their grandparents look after the babies in the appointed nursery and they can build on that.. Lorenz was my hero in my young days I wonder what he would have made of Robins. We will never know.

An unpaid Navitron volunteer,who has been living off-grid,powered by wind and solar,each year better than the last one.
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