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Author Topic: Hive / Nest and other "smart" thermostats/boiler controllers  (Read 15359 times)
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« Reply #30 on: January 25, 2017, 04:42:16 PM »

Interesting repose from The Fairway

As for opening up heating systems to the internet, call me old fashioned, but even as an IT professional, I'm not keen.
I find the effort to hack my devices would be of such minute interest to malevolent humanity as to be a tradonable risk. If a digital intruder set my bedroom rad to 28C id more likely giggle than cry.
Its not so much the hacking aspect, its the reliance on external services and standards thast need to remain available for the lifespan of the system (I don't think 20+ years is unreasonable if layout has not changed).

I've been involved in 'home automation' since early 90's. Various guieses come and go, but generally for the reasonable lifespan of the product the product is as usable at day 'n' as it was at day 1.

The problem that we have now, and I include hive/nest/EvoHome etc in this, is that these products are totally reliant on external services and standards for a large proportion of their functionality that you either end up with a product stopping working after a period of time because the external service or standard has changed or been discontinued, or you end up on the preverbial rollercoaster ride where once you start using the product, you need to regularly keep up with changes needed to still maintain the same level of functionality otherwise you will lose it. Take for example, needing to upgrade your phone OS just to be able to run the latest version of the app, but at some point, your phone will not be able to run the latest OS so you need a new phone. Not an unusual example these days with subscriptions to media or some services, but when you have a product with an expected lifespan of 20+ years, its nice to be able to get off the rollercoaster before the journey is over.

I would say that is the biggest concern of any system. Earlier this year Google bought out Revolv, a home automation system and promptly announced they were stopping support. Not too bad until you realise the system no longer works without the servers. As I get older I try to avoid over complicating things and keep technology away if I can.

My heating runs 24/7, no zone valves, no thermostats, the controller just works off of the outside thermometer and some clever algorithm which monitors the rate at which the buffer tank looses heat. House is a nice constant temperature throughout 24/7. Cost 230 in 'leccy last year, after a bit more draught proofing and fitting triple glazing it looks like this will be reduced by another 15 to 20% this year.  However, this only works in a well insulated draught proof house - which backs up the Navitron Forum mantra of insulate, insulate, insulate.  In houses where this is difficult or impossible then other means have to be found - but it doesn't have to be complicated.

3.15kWpk (15xSharp ND210)/SB3000. & 3.675kWpk (15 x Suntech 245WD)/SB4000TL, 10kW GSHP driving Wirsbo underfloor heating from 1200m ground loops. 10' x 7' solar wall (experimental). Clearview 650 Wood Burning Stove. MHRV - diy retrofit. Triple glazing.
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« Reply #31 on: June 11, 2018, 07:33:46 PM »

I've invested a large sum in the Heat Genius variety. Individual room by room control and temp sensors. And most exclusively the ability to look at historical temperature of each room. And the response of said room to the radiators heating up etc

Pic of wheel on day 1
7.2kW Waterwheel and 9.8kW PV
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