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Author Topic: Concrete slab needs to be thicker  (Read 3160 times)
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« Reply #15 on: June 06, 2017, 12:29:33 AM »

Thanks for the input guys....

You are all correct, I get the guys along and explain what I would like. They say yes, it's possible or no, do it this way. Then because nothing is in writing they seem to start in the right direction but seem to forget what was discussed and agreed and end up doing their own thing.

Other times I trust the guys know what they are doing, eg the slab. "We build 200+ new houses per year" I was told. This was a weekend job for the foreman and some of his lads. I expected they knew how a floor slab is put together, current insulation values, and know about cold bridging. Maybe they do know but ignore it thinking I don't and skimp on stuff like that. Again not having drawings doesn't help I guess.

To answer Biff's question about how much will go on top of the slab well again I had asked the builder to leave the slab 25mm below the threshold as that is a fixed level. I can't take anything off that level (the thresh) or add anything to it. (Cant start trimming off the bottom of an external door) But instead of doing as I asked the builder assumed I wanted to run through into the hallway floor. But that floor is not finished, it's not covered yet and will be overboarded, insulated and possibly tiled so will be higher than it is now.

The 25mm below thresh is to allow for self leveller, electric UFH cables, adhesive and then tiles or LVT. At the moment it is looking like 3mm leveller/screed, 3mm cables, leveller over that then adhesive and LVT tiles so 25mm should allow for that.

Anyway, the good news is the builder came over for a chat on Saturday and I explained I wasn't running through level with the hallway so he is coming back this week (again I am away with work so can't check up!!) and he is building it up another 10mm with self leveller across the 35m sq. floor thankfully. I wasn't looking forward to paying extra to bring that up when I had said already where the level needed to be.

Sorry to hear you have had problems with your slab too Richard. When did the crack develop? I had plenty of rocking sheets, I'm just hoping the weight of concrete settled them down (bowed) so there are no voids.

No, you are correct Desp, I can't keep the trades in order, I'm never there, too busy working to pay for it all!, and living alone I just have to give them a key to come and go as they please, not ideal at all. (yes, stuff has gone missing out of the house before now, but hey, what can I do?)

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