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Author Topic: New Build DHW+CH, Wood fired boiler with thermal store. Looking for advice!  (Read 17191 times)
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« Reply #90 on: October 05, 2019, 12:54:18 PM »

Well im back again. The house has progressed very sloqwly this year! Work demands have mean't i have had almost no free  time at all to get on with the build!

That said, all the plumbing is now done with the exception of the bathrooms and kitchen 2nd fix work. The house is 2/3 plasterboarded with just the Kitchen end to finish up now. Then its onto the 2nd fix FINALLY!  faint

The Wood burning range/boiler is all plumbed in along with the loading valve, and 2 weeks ago we fired the boiler for 5hrs to test everything before hiding it with plasterboard!
All good, boiler runs like a trooper, cylinder all good and even the central heating was running well both zones! Still need to balance the Rads but even that wont be too bad, i guestimate balanced before firing based on Rad location (On the loop) and got very close straight off the bat, so i felt very smug with myself there Cool

A single 5 hr firing saw the 500L Store up to 82c at the top and 64c at the mid point and a little over 50c at the CH takeoff point. I plugged in the CH pump and ran that for the last 2hrs of firing and the Store temp was maintained the entire time.
When the boiler burnt out and the flow from the risers became static i turned of the CH pump and called it a day! Went back over the next couple of days to check the cylinder temps and with no use it loses 3.8c in 18Hrs (From what im used to with old systems i'm super impressed with how little the Store looses)

I have only one minor issue on the Boiler Loop side though!
I have a fix but just wanted to run it past you guys first!

As per regs having no valves on the Dump Rad, flow from the boiler is almost exclusively running through the Rad and not the heat exchanger at the Store!
As a monitored first firing fix i popped the top back on and screwed down the Radiator valve by almost 3/4 before getting a reliable even flow of hot through both the Dump Rad and Heat Exchanger!
I kept an eye on it the whole time and i needed to readjust several times over the 5hrs either due to expansion and or the valve either working its way shut or open.

Obviously this is by no way a reliable fix for this, i already have the Dump rad connected with over the Max 300mm of 15mm pipe (This was unavoidable due to location of the Rad)

So my my thought is to get an adjustable inline flow regulator (manual balancing valve with a flow meter on it) to allow me to balance the flow exactly 50/50 between the Heat exchanger and and the Dump Rad... I can't think of any problem in doing this as far as safety goes Huh

As it isn't a reducing valve there is no spring return that could potentially shut off the flow through the Rad so there will always be flow running through but restricted enough to account for the Heat Exchanger, right?
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