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Author Topic: big tank for thermal store  (Read 4597 times)
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« Reply #30 on: February 09, 2018, 08:09:28 PM »

I agree that the glycol isnít the answer. Maybe a central heating inhibitor (Fernox/Sentinel) and a focus on preventing oxygen from entering the system are the main aims.

 Hearing from Gravyminer brought back happy memories of my students making jam jars of gravy in the name of scientific research. Good times.

Why thats only 27 x 0.5 litres of fernox  whistlie bout £500  facepalm and only a 'maybe'
but  matching metals, inhibitor a lump of sacrificial zinc and sealed tank with header tank would be my recommendations.
Possibly the most worrying aspect ( for me anyway) is the operating temperature at close to boiling, as temp seems to have  a log scale effect in terms of chemical activity and I only learned what was possible at an average 60-70c .....

Knighty, I almost want to apologise for possibly derailing your plans as you obviously need to get your hot water management sorted but while I only had ambitions to become a bit self sufficient at home and has the oil combi as a fallback, you are planning on spending a fair bit of money and time and I would rather you did not have to find out the way I did.

Yeah Pontiff,  I re read my thread the other night, having felt the need to reference it and it brought back mixed memories, but you were a shining light and I have never forgotten how you got your students to make jam jars of gravy in the name of scientific research  .....
I remain your humble student  Wink

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« Reply #31 on: February 10, 2018, 02:34:33 PM »

I'm grateful for all feedback and ideas!

I starting to think maybe I should give up on pulling all my heat from the store...  I could use a store to pre-heat a water feed into a water heater gas boiler (the ones where they only heat mains water) - I'll end up burning some gas, but it would cure a lot of problems if my store didn't have to be perfect... I could heat it via a heat exchanger and then take heat out via heat exchangers... so less mixing metals and it should be much easier to seal it up air tight

I hate how inefficient and wasteful it is that I have big freezers tossing out mountains of heat... then then use gas to heat hot water

swapping from steam cleaners which burn diesel to heat water to special ones which let you feed hot water in is a big part of my 'plan' to improve things.... unfortunately I got a little ahead of myself... each one uses 21litres/min... taking it from mains cold to 90'C needs about 80kw input!

but then my problem is... I need water heaters which will let me set the maximum temperature - but also won't restrict flow if the temperature falls - I can deal with a slightly lower temperature but can't deal with lack of flow

right now steam cleaners are diesel so only hot water is for hoses/cleaning etc. - we start filling drums up a bit early and just turn the tap down a bit to get really hot water

and also... apparently 50kw of gas heat is about the max I can get through my gas meter... no idea on upgrade costs :-s
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