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Author Topic: Using a HIVE thermostat with an ASHP  (Read 1684 times)
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« on: March 25, 2018, 01:55:21 PM »

Was intending to replace my thermostat with a HIVE one, so can operate heating when away from home. Turn off if forget to do so say, or if is sunny could turn on to run ASHP off solar PV, or get house warm for getting in door.

So wondering if HIVE's work as well and straight forward with an ASHP system, just as much as any other heating system. Or is there any specific problems, or issues one should be weary off? I have a Dimplex 12kW ASHP.

(unless anyone has a better recommendation than a HIVE?)
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« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2018, 10:00:12 AM »

I e-mailed Dimplex about this and got the following response:

If you wish to use a product like Hive or Nest with either our A-Class or LA-MI air source heat pumps, this is do-able. They both have the facility to connect to a 3rd party thermostat to signal to the heat pump that there is demand for space heating. On the A-Class this is inputs DI03 / DI04 / DI05 (these are volt-free inputs) or on the LA-MI, a 230V signal from a thermostat switch is sent to terminal HP12. On an A-Class, the system will need to be reconfigured on screen for this and it may be wise to speak to your installer if the system was already set up as multiple zones.

Note that you would only be able to control the space heating from the Nest / Hive product and not hot water control. The heat pump uses its own temperature probe on the hot water cylinder and the heat pump control screen is used to set the target hot water temperature, when hot water can be serviced and sterilisation settings. None of this can be done via Hive/Nest.

Also spoke with my renewables installer (not a Dimplex guy) yesterday who said much the same as the above. So yes it can be done, but the gains are somewhat offset by the losses. Pros and cons. Is a shame a smart thermostat can't be used with no restrictions or compromises to the control of the system. As anyone who has a Dimplex ASHP will know, the control interface and LCD screen unit is fantastic. Lots of options and very user friendly with just a single dial knob that is used. The only downside being really that it does not properly incorporate use of a Smart thermostat.

That is poor in my opinion, and in 2018 this is something which Dimplex who are arguably the industry leader (or one of them anyway) really need to look at urgently.

I understand there are other brands/models of ASHP that can work with Smart Meters without compromise (not sure which ones they are though).
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