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« Reply #15 on: July 03, 2019, 11:29:16 AM »

I'd cut your losses and fit PV with an iboost type diverter to your immersion heater. Fit and forget. No leaks, no stagnation, no freezing, no pumps breaking down. Plus when you have a tank full of hot water at noon on a sunny day, you can still use the energy your panels are producing.

As I said on an earlier post, I can understand people maintaining old cars, but sticking with antiquated heating systems?

5.18 kWp PV systems (3.68 E/W & 1.5 E).
Solar iBoost+ to two immersion heaters on 300L thermal store.
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Backache stuff!!

« Reply #16 on: July 03, 2019, 07:58:31 PM »

My installer has a pump and a "big bucket" that he hooks up to the loop and vigorously circulates it to purge any air.  If I have understood correctly this is to force any air tapped anywhere (e.g. a slight down-up-down section of pipe) around the system until it ends up escaping from his Big Bucket (flow taken from bucket, return [including any air] discharges into bucket)

I don't know if this is going to actually purge anything that would not also be achieved by Garden Sprayer method? or is that just to pressurise the system?

Your installers big bucket and pump will certainly shove the fluid around the system much faster than normal, so it would be better at picking up trapped air and purging it into the bucket than a hand pumped sprayer. Air bubbles though have a habit of hiding away only to emerge later and end up in the pump, it takes a very small amount of air to completely stop the pump working.

In view of that it is very important  to install a reliable method of bleeding the air out of the pump and adjacent pipework and being able to trap it to be bled as needed. If you can ensure that the pump is fully bled it will be quite capable of shifting quite large air locks around the system, if they can be encouraged to land in an upstand above the pump and then bled away it is a fairly easy operation to use the system pump itself to purge the air.  The system refered to earlier had only an auto bleed on the roof which is going to be useless at ensuring the pump is free of air.


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