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Author Topic: Sign of EV charging and TOU tariffs?  (Read 1767 times)
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« Reply #15 on: December 15, 2018, 04:10:54 PM »

Can people actually adjust the clock ? Surely not as people would have the evening on night rate.

When the meter has split times as Marshman does the load switch off and on or stay on all the time?


Not sure where it is said people can adjust the clock, if I gave that impression I didn't mean to. I assume the "owner" of the meter ('leccy board not the householder) has the tools to do it.

E7 meters do not switch the load which was my point about the old "white" meters which switched power to a separate consumer unit. It would be nice to have a switched output on E7 meters to allow this to control "off peak" loads - but as someone else pointed out you then have the complication of overriding this if you want power to the appliance during peak loads.

The gap between peak and off peak prices seems to be narrowing all the time and it pays to see if it is worth it at all as the E7 peak rate is often more expensive than a single rate tariff. A couple of years ago I switched to a single rate tariff as it worked out significantly cheaper than the cheapest E7 tariff at the time. I have since switched again and am back on an E7 tariff. The comparison sites do not check/compare E7 with single rate. You have to run the comparison twice with single and dual rate - then also check if the supplier will accept readings from a dual rate meter on a single rate tariff.


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« Reply #16 on: December 15, 2018, 05:42:57 PM »

With the old time clocks anyone could change the time - but altered at their peril!  The clock box was sealed with a ‘tamper indication’ wired tag with the leccy board number of the person who did it.  Like the tail covers were wired with a seal to prevent the meter being bypassed.  I suppose the regular meter readers were always watching out for signs of damage - like nail or screw holes in the meter tails!

Modern electronic meters are likely programmed/self correcting, then sealed at fitting time.  I think that when they last changed my meter, it was set for the same E7 time as the removed meter and steadily changed to the different time it is currently running at.  Initially, I thought something was wrong, but it stopped ‘gaining’ once it had reached the current area timings.  It now finishes an hour earlier than it did twenty years ago. Embarrassed

My first gas meter pressure regulator never ever had a seal on it from before we moved in.  The new meter, fitted when all the old leaky iron supply pipes were replaced with plastic, was set and sealed.  I recall that my gas supply cost more after the meter was changed, as the cooker jets needed adjustment for idle settings, to prevent the burners going out at minimum position.  The last time I checked, the supply pressure was within the supply range...
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