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Author Topic: Clarification of the cycle-to-work scheme.  (Read 483 times)
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« on: June 12, 2019, 07:28:55 AM »

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« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2019, 08:14:27 AM »

So it looks like it's not limited to 1000 anymore and can basically be any bike from any vendor?

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« Reply #2 on: June 12, 2019, 08:55:22 AM »

Just took advantage myself. Initially to purchase the top spec Decathlon e bike (1600 and apparently already good value compared to other ebikes of similar spec). Local branch having delivery problems though, so eventually plumped for one from Evans and take delivery on Saturday.

This is our second ebike, after buying a radwagon electric cargo bike. It's been a relevation. Takes both our kids on the back AND shopping on front and in rucksack, while handling wind and hills if Edinburgh with ease. True modal shift. We now do very few car trips of less than five miles. Purchased radwagon from the Netherlands, so not eligible (I think!) for cycle scheme, but at about 1800, still worth it we think.
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« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2019, 08:55:52 AM »

So it looks like it's not limited to 1000 anymore and can basically be any bike from any vendor?

They're claiming that there never was an overall cap of 1000 (this is in direct contradiction to previous guidance given over the last 20 years).

They're saying that the cap only ever applied to small bike shops. FCA-authorised bike shops can loan bikes, including e-bikes, worth over 1000.

So no, it's not quite any bike from any vendor.

It's any bike under 1000 from any vendor (that participates in the scheme); or any bike or e-bike of any value, from an FCA-authorised provider.

HMRC have generally assumed the bike's value at the end of the loan period to be zero, so you get the bike at the end of the loan, for free, rather than having to buy it (from take-home pay) for its resale value from your employer. However, that's not a written rule. It's just the way it's been done to date. Bikes that do have a significant resale value when aged 5 or so (e.g. Bromptons) are potentially at risk from HMRC. Discuss this with your accountant.

Incidental note: electric two-wheelers are the most popular roadworthy electric passenger vehicle in the world: about 1 in 17 people in the Netherlands has one; and one in 7 people in China has one. (and that's a lot of e-bikes and e-mopeds).

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« Reply #4 on: June 12, 2019, 10:17:28 AM »

I have a rear hub A-B Obree (mere 400 watt hour battery) which I picked up on ebay (via Bristol).

The "uncertainty" that has been around for years as to this scheme, & whether you were going to be sold it at an inflated price at the end of a set period has always put people off, so I'm glad that uncertainty has been cleared up, however an example of contract needs to be placed between the company (who benefit from less car spaces  being used, presumably healthier staff & more). really needs to be crystal clear, & reinforced as the "ideal" of the scheme, too many firms have accountants who look to profit not assist those who keep the presses rolling at the manual end of things imho, some are exceptional, but we only seem to be halfway there with this "bike fog" when it should be long over, god knows I've asked for it to be addressed by my local mp in the past,  ..but fat chance!

I went down to Bristol & rode it back through london rush hour traffic which i'd not done since my flatmate got my carbon fibre MTB taken apart locking t up on borough high street 20 years ago.

To be honest I was concerned that the riding experience would be as harrowing as 20 years ago when cycling regularly in London was bloody awful, couldn't be furth from the truth on an E-Bike, even with my corpulent frame the pick up was tremendous, getting me up to cut out speed in a couple of seconds so I was doing stretches of 20 mph+ when not "jammed in" (new cycle points at lights were new to me so pretty much I didn't use them at first).

So whilst was still a bit sore from the last leg (rub, unsuitable shorts) back home another 8 miles it was easy (good weather helped)

I curse the "bike to work scheme" though as holey as a round of emmental, ...damn typical of anything positive from government, & not understood nor clarified for years with many a missed opportunity.

That said, E-bikes aren't cheap, mid motors (yamaha / bosch etc) "can be a bit iffy & expensive to replace when broken (600+) a decent e-bike easily costing 2300 if you wish it to be more than a work bike (and why not)!? ...with a decent all rounder being 3500 ..the market is creaking & companies have withdrawn from the market because of uncertainty with the uk market, cited as both Brexit & unfavourable trading conditions in light of the long going recession whereby councils just aren't putting down alt transport or maintaining / upgrading existing cycling infrastructure (nor pre-existing E.V charge points).

I'm happy to report that the attitude towards cyclists seems to have improved, when I used to cycle to work as a "yoof" 9/10 would close pass (punishment pass) on the 8 mile ride back I received wide berth from ALL vehicles, something I attribute to the extra speed you haul (n' oates) on an electric bike.

Mine has a mere 8 gears (not enough realistically, the shortcoming being you could be using more of your own energy positively once the assist has bounced you forward so sweetly & swiftly ..something you really notice if doing more than a short trip to the station as a commute etc.

I forsee myself using the e-bike for a long time yet due to the slow but necessary brain / balance investigation ongoing, but it is a means of getting out rather than imprisoned as I have been for way too long.

My daughter, is most certainly an E-generation kid, ..the transformation of understanding & acceptance of electric vehicles from the kids of early adopters is very apparent imho.

Saw nothing but goddamned Hybrids in London though, ...a secondary dampener on ULEV etc where charging for access to cities (Cambridge likely soon) is concerned.

Back on track though, you can buy junk e-bikes (heavy chinese) for 450 or less if using as a shopper type, but checking ebay consistently the prices are high for good / ok e-bikes from recognised brand names, however the amount of re-listing is awful due to both non-payers (wife found out)? or simply badly listed in terms of info (that & modern bike geometry has really changed) means you could be looking for a good 18+ months to find a decent bike in the 700 - 1000 or higher bracket second hand.

Long post, wont be around to reply though as my screen time has been blown out of the water writing this.


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